How to gain muscle mass fast – The following exercises, which have been seen to be useful for a lot of fitness legends, and leading experts maybe just the way for you to gain muscle mass fast. Keep it Simple! There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to gain muscle mass fast. Like anything else, it all boils down to putting in the time and effort.

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There must be a strong dedication to doing the exercises needed, even when you do not feel quite up to it. You may start by following this basic routine of five reps, 5 times. For each exercise, conduct five sets of five repetitions. Be sure to add an extra five pounds until it becomes a bit difficult to lift. The final repetition needs to be tough to follow through with. Otherwise, add some more weight to it.

How to gain muscle mass fast?

How To Gain Muscle Mass Fast? It is probably ideal to stick with concentrating on one area, say the upper body first, on one day, and then do the lower half on a separate day. The above 5 x 5 workout can be implemented to your chosen fitness routine.

For a full body mass gaining workout, be sure to do the following exercises.

1. Dead Lifts

Leg-Dead-Lifts-10481248645_55124e2dedKeep straight with the barbell positioned on the floor just before your feet. Slowly bend your knees and take hold of the barbell, with your head back and back straight. Continue on to a standing position, with arms straight, while the barbell is lifted. With the knees bent, have your arms straight, and gradually position the barbell back to the floor.

2. Squats

Squats-6169984587_93c2a283251Stand straight, with the barbell positioned across the back of your shoulders, just behind your head. Hold onto the barbell tightly. Have your hand and body both vertically aligned, and transition into a squatting position. Make sure that the back is straight throughout the whole duration, and the chin straight. Next, push with your legs and shoulders back into standing again.

3. The Bench Press

Bench-Press-4411752843_ced72f9c35While resting flat on the bench, and feet on the floor. Take the barbell off its rack with both hands. Carefully, lower it so that it touches your chest briefly, with your arms bent. Next, push the barbell back up into the air with your arms fully extended directly in front of you.

4. Eat a Fair Amount of Protein


Plenty of protein rich foods will give the body what it needs after your workouts to rebuild solid muscles. Egg whites, lean meats, such as beef, pork, chicken breast, or salmon are best. Incorporate some type of whey protein with your diet, with tuna and tofu.

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Meals should be split into six portions, and eaten at a minimum of every three hours. Although you will not spot immediate results overnight, if you keep working at it and incorporate these disciplines, you will be well on your way to gain muscle mass fast.

In addition, you may just search online about other ways on how to gain muscle mass fast, they can appear to be a great addition to the above tips.