How to Belly Dance? – Learn Belly Dancing at Home


The art of belly dancing from the ancient Middle-East is a unique and versatile dance. Belly dancing is a great exercise and helps in toning your body.

How to Belly Dance

Belly Dance is one great way to arouse the interests of your partner and also fun for bonding with your female friends. Well, for whatever intentions you have, you can learn how to belly dance at home.

Things the Beginner Belly Dancer Needs:

  • Middle East Music
  • A large dancing space
  • A loose fitting skirt
  • Midriff baring top
  • Dangling jewelry
  • Scarves and evils

Well, here are some of the things you need to do before you start practicing belly dancing. Get into position:


Warming up before starting to dance will help prevent the straining of a muscle or getting injured. All you need to do is to bend down and touch your toes, roll your shoulders and neck and then stretch your wrists so as to feel loose. Do a backward to help stretch your stomach muscles.

You need to wear a shirt which exposes your belly and practice dancing in front of the mirror so as to monitor your movements.

Turn the right music on

Music with the right base will help in getting you in the right mind frame. Try using music originating from the Middle East and master the rhythms. The number of Arabic songs which are dedicated to encouraging belly dancing are in fact many and have a musical cue which encourages graceful and flowing movements.

Get into a starting position

Start the dancing in a position such that your upper body is straight. Avoid bending or arching your back. Ensure that your butt is tucked so that it can be in line with your back.

While with your arms lifted, flex your stomach slightly, lead your hip movement using your stomach muscles.  Make sure that your lower back does not have a large arch. Lift your arms in the air so that they are slightly parallel to the ground.

Dress for the dance

Find yourself clothes which are stylish and also comfortable. Long and loose shirts and skirts can be a great option to go for. Tight clothes can prove to be inefficient when it comes to performing the dance moves.

Procedures for doing the belly dance

  • Start with your head. Make circular head movements, while keeping your head level. First, move it in a clockwise direction and when you feel right, move it counterclockwise. Slide your head from left to right. Ensure that you maintain your head level and your nose pointing straight ahead.
  • Next, move your shoulders in circular directions. Move it forward, up, then down. Shimmy the shoulders. Move your left shoulder back and your right shoulder forward and increase the speed with time.
  • Move your ribs in your rib cage from side to side without the help of your.hips. After that, move your ribs right, forward, left and finally back in circular motion.
  • Roll your belly. This is the most common movement associated with belly dancing. Pull the bottom and top half of your belly in, then release both of them back to position. Do in a slow motion and gradually start building up the speed until it looks natural and as if you are rolling your belly.
  • Get hippy. Shimmy your hips. With your torso in a still position, move your hips from side to side in slow motion as you gradually pick up speed. Also, move the hips in a complete circular movement. 

How to Do Hip Lifts & Basic Shimmy (Belly Dancing)

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Belly dancing is that simple, unlike rocket science, and you can become more than a pro just like Shakira, whose belly dancing skills are remarkable. At first, it may seem hard to belly dance but with time, you will come to realize how good you can dance.

Well, it only requires consistency and practice. Belly dancing is fun, and anyone can be as good as the best belly dancers in the world. Even so, care must be taken to prevent injuries on some parts of the body. Make use of the procedures above to get yourself going. Try them today to start sharpening your skills.