Bridal Wedding Dresses – Dream Of Every Bride


Bridal Wedding Dresses is the clothing for the bride in the wedding ceremony. This is the dream of every bride and this outfit is needed to be perfect and well fitted. There are different types of wedding dress which can vary depending on the culture and religion of the bride. Style and color of the wedding dress can also make a huge difference.

bridal wedding dresses

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If you are looking for a dress for the wedding, then you should know about the latest fashion for finding out a perfect one for you. Sleeveless or strapless dresses are required for wedding most of the time. Dresses with straps have been popular besides the strapless dresses for wedding. Some women also choose old fashioned gowns for their wedding these days.

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Western Concept About Bridal Wedding Dresses

According to the western culture, wedding is more than the union of two people. There will be the union of two different cultures besides the union of souls. People always try to represent their culture through their clothing at this event. Wearing exclusive fabrics with rich colors is the tradition of the western culture. Silk, velvet, furs are common to them with the combination of bold colors.

Western Concept About Bridal Wedding Dresses

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Poor families used to choose the finest church dress for the wedding. In the Victorian era, white wedding dresses were chosen most of the time. Before this era, many people used to choose gowns of different colors including black, gray or other favorite colors according to the choice of bride.

Nowadays gowns with different styles have been chosen. At present most preferable color is white for a wedding dress. This color is considered as a symbol of the virginity. Sleeveless or strapless dresses are often considered because of the ease of the designers.

Eastern Culture About Wedding Dresses

Cloths of the wedding are red in many countries like Vietnam, Pakistan, India, China, and Bangladesh. This is the traditional color which symbolizes auspiciousness and good luck. Some women try to pick different colors instead of red.

Indian Bridal Wedding Dresses

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In Chinese wedding, the latest fashion is to pick up a western dress. In Taiwan, for wedding gown, brides usually choose white or red silk as a material of the gown. Indian culture of wedding is wearing red sari though the colors have been expanded these days. White kimono is used for the formal wedding ceremony in Japan. The red kimono is chosen for the post wedding ceremony.

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Chinese Wedding Dresses

Culture Of Native America About Wedding Dresses

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In Native America, there are different traditions about wedding besides the clothing of it.

The wedding garment is given by the groom to a Hopi bride including robes and belt.

For the Pueblo bride, a secured belt is used with the cotton garment. Knee length dress is used in the Delaware for wedding.

In Northern California, symbolic dresses are used. Black is used for the northern part, yellow is used for the western part, blue is used for the southern part and white is used for the eastern part of wedding.

In these ways, the tradition of the bridal wedding dresses varies in different countries and regions. So you can pick one depending on your culture.