Nutritional Foods For Healthy Hair – Shift-Delete Hair Problems


foods for healthy hair

Do you like flaunting your beautiful, long and thick hair? But are you having the problem of hair loss or unhealthy rough hair which is stopping you from doing this? Do not fret!!! One of the best things that you do for healthy hair is the selection of the right shampoo and a conditioner along with it. But there are many researches and studies conducted on the hair loss, which state that the food you also take plays an important role in having healthy hair. There are many foods for healthy hair growth. Some people may believe that making changes to the shampoo and conditioners will help in seeing good results in getting healthy hair but the missing nutritional supplements in your diet that are essential for hair growth should also be considered. Here are few foods that you should take to make sure that you have healthy hair.

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Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables photo
Photo by julie gibbons

Do you know that the follicles of hair produce a natural substance called as sunburn? This normally acts as a natural conditioner for the hair. Taking green color vegetables will enhance and help in the production of this sunburn. Normally dark green vegetables have Vitamin C and Vitamin A, this Vitamins help in the production of sunburn. Green vegetables are also rich in calcium and iron which also promote the hair growth. Add spinach, broccoli and many green vegetables to your diet plan today for healthy hair growth.

Carrots and Sweet potatoes

Carrots and Potato photo
Photo by mealmakeovermoms

Vitamin A is very essential for health hair growth. If there is a lack of Vitamin A then, the scalp is going to be flaky and dry. So take foods like carrot and sweet potatoes which have Vitamin A.


Beans photo
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Zinc, iron and protein – these three are very important for health hair. If you are looking for foods for healthy hair growth which contain all these three then add beans to your diet. Beans normally are very good for your heart, but only very few people are aware that beans are good for healthy hair as well.


Salmon photo

One of the best and most wonderful foods for health hair is Salmon. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are very helpful for a healthy scalp. If your diet is not having omega-3 fatty acids in it, then your hair will become dull and dry. Scalp also will start getting dry which will result in hair fall. So adding Salmon to your diet can be really beneficial for healthy hair growth and healthy scalp.


Berries photo
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Proper and healthy blood circulation is important for hair growth and for proper blood circulation you will need Vitamin C. If you eat strawberries and blueberries then you will be able to supply enough Vitamin C to your body. You can also add peppers, Kiwi and sweet potatoes to your diet as these are also a good source of Vitamin C.

Along with these foods for healthy hair, you should also consume a lot of water. Massaging your scalp with oil at least once in a week can also help in health hair growth.