Review Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201)


The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse gives you the power and convenience to live a healthy lifestyle (perfect for smoothies). This is my review for Ninja – the best blender.

Health is what we talk about but do we really mean it? A healthy living must be coupled with a lot of natural nutrients which are not contaminated with any chemicals. What you need to know is that fresh fruits carry a lot of ingredients which your body needs.

ninja kitchen system pulse

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It is long now since I bought ninja but it has served me for long without any problem until recently I decided to buy another one that I realized it does not work the same way as the old one deed.

I am not satisfied with the new product spine the first time I used it I got an injury which forced me to resale it. The old ninja is durable and is made up of strong steel blades as compared to the new one.

ninja kitchen system (bl201) pulse Since the am in a dilemma if to go and try another one or continue with my old one then what if the one, I have breaks down since I must use it two to three times a day.

I am satisfied with ninja product that I have been using since it makes my fruit juice smooth. Ninja Kitchen System Pulse come with a pitcher, power base, lids, three blades and two smart serving containers.

If you have never seen these serving containers them make a step and buy ninja, they are really useful since you don’t need to go buying serving containers.

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How To Use Ninja Kitchen System Pulse?

These are the guidelines that I have been following since I bought it up to now and I can see them being very useful to me.

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  • Put your ingredients into the container; make sure you screw on the lid that holds the blades then place the container on the power base.
  • The power button should be placed while you press down on the top of the container.
  • The challenge with Ninja Kitchen Pulse is that you cannot just put your ingredient and continue with other activities.
  • It is a must to press the button and hold it until the juice is ready.
  • At first I had difficulties but now have been used with it and I enjoy using it.
  • Ninja is noisy and it sounds like a jet which would even wake up a sleeping child, this is the problem I have been experiencing as I cannot use it when my kid is sleep.
  • What has made to continue using it is that it is durable and blends very well? If you want it to work well for you, minimize heavy juices.
  • What I realize it won’t work without water, water must be added to the ingredients for them to be blended.

When washing maximum care should be taken not to injure your fingers with the sharp blades, the blade need to be removed so that you can clean all parts without any challenge.

It is very easy to open so there is no reason to whatsoever why you should not open it and make it clean. If not well-cleaned bacteria may form hence putting your body at risk of being attacked by diseases.

I recommended you buy Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201) from this online store.

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