Take note of the Growth Hormone Side Effects ever recorded over a period of Time


The courage to seek cure from artificial remedies to any cases of health and physical problems was owed from the advancement of technology. Many of the people nowadays wanted to rise up differently from others. Perhaps, there is abundance of alternative synthetic products are available any corner of the world. We want renewed by the hormonal supplements. But, do we find time to know the growth hormone side effects?

growth hormone side effects

Yes, many of us are blinded by the positive results endorsed and advertised by models and endorsers. These models however have been living their lives naturally even before they were given the chance to introduce hormonal products in the open. Would you dare not ask, the side effects behind the products introduce to you?

Are we blinded by our desire to get rejuvenated by the scientific results of studies? Yes, we want to be safe, we don’t want any we humiliation. But, note someday and somehow, our children become the victims of the advancement of technology, by the advance of science.

It is not too late yet, let all together unveil the products we want to use, and we are offering this to all our loved ones.

Let‘s try to find this out:

We back in 1985 when the Food and Drugs Association gave the approval to the use of HGH to treat problems of short stature among children as well as the poor   growth of children. Had it not for this technology, many of the children suffering from genetic disorders were treated? Not only that, those that suffer the Prader-Willi syndrome.

But, because they are synthetically produced, we suspect of the long list of human growth side effects;

Would you believe that leukaemia has been reported as one of the side effect?

The terrible and heart-breaking side effect of HGH is leukaemia. There have been reports that there were children who were diagnosed of leukaemia after being treated with the HGH. But, is leukaemia hereditary?  If the children treated by this hormone have been found to have poor appetite and poor growth, can we still attribute the leukaemia to said hormone? What if this hormone is given to children with normal growth development; to think that their bodies have high growth hormone already? Does this have side effects that people doesn’t want?  Precisely, the side effects would range from the development of diabetes and other coronary diseases like heart. Other organs of these children may also suffer like kidneys and liver.

Should the routine of hormonal pills taken by adults will drop by their liver before it transport to the bloodstream, then the comparison to this growth hormone may be similar. This means that the vital organs of children and even adults are disturbed when taking this hormone.

Perhaps there are a lot of side effects the products may somehow bring.

It is not bad to take artificial hormone but we must always consider the fact that there unwanted side effects perhaps unnoticed by us. We might as well be confined in the dominant effect of the growth of our children eventually other most probably will surface later.

Yet, we insist to use because our love ones have deficiencies which they might suffer for long periods of time. Check this deficiency. The congenital hormone deficiency. We need the growth hormone to cure this   in long period of time.

Note, this has to be injected right straight to the fatty acids of the parts of the body, usually at back of the arms, thighs or buttocks. There are however, revelations noted after every injection like headache, hip pain, scoliosis and redness of the injection site. How about the possibility to develop diabetes; is this not terrible to consider for people with history of this disease.

Truly, we have a lot of apprehensions as to whether we need the human growth hormone side effects or we will just consider the side effects and forget about the growth hormone?  Remember this is a package of cure and side effects. Which we want to matter most the cure of the deficiency or the side effects that sometimes surface late in our ages. May be, we have to decide and see for ourselves the best for us.

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