Are you familiar with heart Attack Symptoms?


Heart attack is the one of the most feared incidents by many people especially that hypertensive. This kind of attack is considered traitor banking on the misconception that this happens at once. However, medical experts would pronounce that heart attack has advances before it strikes to victims. We call these advances as heart attack symptoms.

heart attack symptoms

Medical expert’s studies would reveal that heart attack symptoms are clear and vary in terms of sexes. Those symptoms of heart attack differ from males to females. Perhaps, their difference is attributed by the in born characteristics of women and men in same manner.

Let us talk about the symptoms of heart attack in general regardless of the sexes as usually difference matter in the intensity of pain and coverage of the pain. Normally, the first victims of heart attack are the hypertensive individuals. Listening to the sentiments of the bereaved families, they claim that the cause of the death is heart attack and that cause cannot be controlled and that they never when to attack. This notion is possible when we do not value the different symptoms of heart attack.

How many of the hypertensive would dare to care for their pressure when it strikes at 160/120. They still find comfort to that despite that they are showed by some symptoms of heart attack like numbness of their buttocks or headache not to mention yet the more serious symptom the chest pain and back pains. Surveys would tell us that most victims of heart attack have felt the symptoms for quite a period of days. Believe me and ask their bereaved families. They will surely affirm to you that before his attack, there was a complaint of pain in chest or in buttocks or at their back.

According to some experts, the moment the blood pressure even recorded only at 160/120, attack happened already but no fatal effect or effect sort of paralysis. At this point of time, hypertensive people would only be alarmed when they reached 200/150 pressure of their blood but would be too late for the, to manage and to handle. This time when patients would complaint for chest pain. Most families cannot anymore help instead just wait his final breath to stop.

Now, tell me, is heart attack instant? No, symptoms are there to warn patients of any untoward and more serious cases of heart attack.

Much more for women. Women are fond of denial. They pretend nothing despite   the pain that they suffer as manifestation of the symptoms of heart attack. Seldom, you can hear women entertain symptoms, henceforth the next time you meet them they are already sitting on the wheel chair if not enclosed in the cabin. To think that symptoms of heart attack for women are subtle and do not have permanent identity in the parts of the body when they manifest. Like the chest pain, for women, chest pain crowds in the chest and sometimes partnered by back pain. Yet, they never pay attention. Perhaps, they lack sufficient information of the different symptoms of heart attack. One of my encounters with one of my attending physician.  The latter never fails to remind me the symptoms which near to attack. According to him, let us all be extra careful when we will feel chest pain and back pain at the same time. This is the moment that we have to call –out for medical assistance.  That we must seek the assistance of our cardiologist because this the moment when our heart is heavy and is burdened by the pressure of our blood.

If we care for our lives, let us help our hearts pump in times when our pressure rises to its peak.  Let us all pity our hearts by paying attention to the symptoms that we feel.

Should these women as well as knew that symptoms of heart attack should be given due address and treatment, maybe cases of heart attack won’t raise in every day records in hospital. No one wants to die. We all  wanted to survive for life is beautiful, for life has  a lot to rejoice at and for life is worth to treasure at  all times and at all costs. Let us be sensitive.

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