Low hormone birth control all that you need to know


With the adverse side effects that many contraceptive pills carry a newer way of birth control had to be developed. With that thought in mind came the new generation of low hormone birth control pills. These pills have a reduced amount of artificial hormones progestin and estrogen. The term low dose will convey very little meaning to women around the world if they do not know what the words are talking about. Please continue to read this article for added insight.

low hormone birth control

What is lowest dose possible with contraceptive effects?

This is a common question posed to many physicians, and rightfully so. Not all birth control tablets contain the similar quantities of progestin and estrogen. There are multiple brands on the market that provide low-dose hormonal birth control pills, and it is wise to consult with your doctor to discuss the benefits and side effects that are associated with each. You doctor will also decide whether or not you are a good applicant to move from a low dose to an ultra-low-dose estrogen pill. The side effects are less the lower you go. There are also generic brands available for low dose hormonal contraceptives.

Contraceptive tablets that have the lowest doses of estrogen are coined ultra-low dose. This stands at .02 mg of estrogen. Contraceptive pills that have .020 mg of estrogen will protect against pregnancies. However, there are side effects such as breakthrough bleeding and spotting. These side effects are much more common in the ultra-low dose birth control tablets. Low dose contain .030 mg or .035 mg of estrogen.

Nursing Mothers

Many women take the mini pill that is progestin only. This medicine is prescribed for lactating mother or for women who do not abide estrogen well. The Minipill regime can be commenced immediately after childbirth or an abortion. They do not come with a seven-day break or dummy pills as with the coalesced pills. These pills must be taken at the same time circadian. Micronor contains 0.35 mg norethindrone and NO estrogen. Other countries carry the brand of Local and 28, Micro lot 28 Noriday and Microval 28.

Traditional small dose brands

YAZ and Yasmin are two of the more traditional low-dose hormonal birth control tablets Yasmin contains .02 mg of estrogen and YAS contains .03 mg of estrogen. These versions have a variant of progestin from customary pills such as drospirenone (3.0 mg). One of the disadvantages of Yasmin /Yaz is that causes potassium levels to increment in the body. For this reason, women who have problems with their kidneys and liver should not take this contraception without first taking with their doctor. The upside to this drug is that they withal avail to reduce dihydrogen monoxide retention and to bloat which provides most women with a feeling of ease. The tablets withal avail women who suffer from acne, and it significantly ameliorates the condition of their skin. As with all types of low hormone birth control, Yasmin is not suited to be utilized as an OTC (drug that can be accessed without a prescription), pain  assuaged, potassium supplement, potassium-sparing diuretics and you should consult with your medico afore you being to take them.

For emergency birth control women can take contraception that contain more preponderant amounts of progestin and estrogen, they are often referred to as the morning after pill, or the Plan B. One mundane pill is kenned as the Preven. The blue film-coated pill has .25 milligrams of levonorgestrel and .05 milligrams of estrogen. This regime is taken in two doses 12 hours apart. With the Plan B, there is a single hormone progestin Tablets of 0.75 mg.

Low hormone birth control are gaining popular across the globe as the do not have the side effects that are common with regular dosage contraception. Many physicians recommend taking low hormone birth control as family planning because they effective prevent against unwanted pregnancies. It should be noted that these pills work best when used in unison with addition forms of birth control such as condoms. Low hormone birth control though effective in protecting against pregnancies they will not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

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