Steps for Alcohol Detox at Home (Safely Detox)


We all know the importance of getting alcohol detox so that we have clean bodies. People who are regular drinkers are the ones that will want to have alcohol detox at home. The process is not complex and safe so anyone can do it at home.

alcohol detox at home

It is common after heavy drinking for a person to get side effects. The most side effects include shaking, high blood pressure, nausea fatigue, increased heart rate and confusion. When you start experiencing such side effects, it is time to look for professional advice on how to deal with issues. Below are the steps to a safe detox process at home:

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Step 1: Talk to your doctor about the decision you have made. The doctor will determine if your condition is fit enough to perform the detox alone. For some people, it might not be that serious drinking problem so they might be given the okay to continue with the detox process. However, there are those who are heavy drinkers and might need the help of a doctor to go through the whole process. Such people might be given several recommended procedures on how to do a detox. In addition, the doctor will prescribe some vitamins and supplements to help a patient with their self-detoxification process.

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Step 2: For those people who are heavy drinkers, maybe it is time for you to stop drinking for once and for all. The best way to do this is by talking to your friends and family. They will be like the home support group that will help in making sure that you get sober. There might be friends who have also gone through the same process in the past. They will offer their tips on how to quit alcohol. They can recommend popular support groups that a heavy drinker could use.

Step 3: People always drink alcohol because they feel the urge to drink something. The best way to remove the alcohol toxins it by drinking many fluids to eliminate them. You could drink water, tea, fresh juice and many other fluids other than alcohol. With time, the body will start responding well to the alcohol detox at home method. A person on alcohol detox could use dome proteins in the body. It is recommended that you eat proteins such as fish, chicken, and poultry soup. The liver will need every nutrient to flush itself before flushing the rest of the body.

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Step 4: By avoiding alcohol, it means that you want to cut down on the amount of sugar intake. This is the reason why you might want to avoid processed or refined foods. This will go a long way in keeping your sugar levels down for the body to operate optimally. For those performing alcohol detox at home, should avoid using excess caffeine and cigarettes. It is something common to see alcoholics smoking every now and them. By cleansing the body, it means that you are relieving the body from all toxins not just the alcohol part. Staying away from such addiction will result into good health.

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alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Remark: See a doctor before you begin the alcohol detox at home. If you are severe alcoholic or have done dangerous damage to your body, you may need medical attention to detox from alcohol.