It Pays to Know What Does Heartburn Feel Like for Reasons of Curiosity?


Be grateful when you do not have heartburn, declares some sufferers of heartburn. What heartburn feels like, replied the non-sufferers of heartburn. To be curios of the state of feeling to a certain kind of illness brings you a lot to learn from and to become cautious in our diet.

We often hear and even read that there are home remedies for heartburn. If so, then getting to know better the illness is better off than trying to become one of them. This possibility is not far beyond reality should we not manage our eating habit and lifestyle.

In my encounter with persons suffering from heartburn, there first idea of the pain felt in their chest is heart disease. These people get in trouble asking for remedies and others seeking medical advises from Cardiologist. They all end-up declaration of heart burn.

what does heartburn feel like

What does heartburn feel like then?

According to Cardiolologists, heartburn is resembled to a burning pain at the chest just behind the breastbone and pain worsens when lying or bending over. For that hypertensive, they can relate the kind pain felt by heartburn sufferers because when pressure rises up, hypertensive would find it difficult to breath.

When to see a Doctor when suffer heartburn or when you feel like you have heart disease?

Like any other pain, we will not underestimate the pain heartburn gives to sufferers. In instances when pain in the chest gets worse and when this pain is combined by other symptoms. These will include numbness in arms and back pain; you must of course be alarmed by these many symptoms. Only doctors can tell whether you have heart disease or you have the heartburn.

But because sufferers of heartburn would complain of the discomfort it brings to them especially in their daily routine and activities. I suppose you don’t have to keep on asking, how does heartburn feel like?  Instead, you will ask how to be free and to get rid of getting heartburn.

Prevention is better than cure as the case may be. Why not when you can be given enough knowledge in preventing the occurrence of heartburn to every individual who love to eat and who love to enjoy life.

If you pity people suffering from heartburn then you must hate to see for yourself a person who does not even mind the kind of food they eat amidst the heartburn discomfort that he carries. Yes, people vary in principle. But, this is not the issue on standing by our principle but the issue of preventing ourselves from suffering heartburn.

One of the preventive measures of the occurrence of heartburn is the avoidance of fatty foods. Fatty foods are believed to be the potent source of heartburn. Just like reflux, we should avoid eating highly acidic food as this acids accumulated will help push the acid to go up causing pain the chest.

Another good tip to know about caffeinated drinks and food.  If you don’t want to suffer heartburn and experience the same, you must avoid eating chocolate and avoid drinking coffee. The caffeine found in this food will turn out acidic the moment they reach to our stomach. Now, when you have good deposit of acids in your stomach, you have great chances for heartburn. 

How do we know you have large amount of acid deposit in your stomach? Well simple recall of your lifestyle and eating habit? Are you the type of person who loves to eat oranges, lemons and even pineapple? Don’t you know that these are highly acidic fruits? You might as well argue that these are fruits and they must be good to our bodies. Well, your argument might as well work when we don’t consider your metabolism and the blood type you have.

Don’t you know that blood type matters to our lifestyle particularly our eating habit? Researchers would tell us that there are people who are sensitive to non-alkaline fruits because there stomach is acidic. Even for a small amount of acidic food, there day would be spoiled by the discomfort brought about by heartburn.

Therefore, we have to be responsible enough in managing our lifestyle particularly our meal plan. Start right in order not to be curious about, what does heartburn feel like?

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