Non hormonal birth control methods


For most people the term hormonal birth control pills is what come to mind when they hear the term birth control, these are not the only options available. There are currently several options available that are highly effective, and they are non hormonal birth control methods. These are available as an alternative for persons who have adverse reactions when taking hormonal pills or those who would prefer not to mess with their hormones. Here are some popular options available.

non hormonal birth control

The combinations of progestin and estrogen or mini progestin are one of the popular birth control and consider as one of the most popular now and are extremely useful, however, they are not for everyone. It has also side effects for the users such as weight gain, fluctuation in moods, and the severe reactions example blood clots, liver damage, and worst. This is where the non-hormonal options takes their stand they are easily available and quite inexpensive, plus they are extremely useful, more so when they are used in addition to other methods of birth control. The most common form of non-hormonal birth control is the latex condom. One this is used correctly they are effective is in preventing pregnancies up to 97% of the time. Additionally, the condom is considered one the only forms of protection that protects for the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases. Never the less, it is recommended that a condom be used each time a person is sexually active, regardless of the other types of birth controls that are being used.

The diaphragm is another popular form of non-hormonal birth control. The diaphragm is custom fitted at the gynecologist, and you know that it is not expensive. All you have to do is inserting before intercourse so you will be safe on the intercourse. The diaphragm is 94% effective based on when it is used correctly. Though it is quite right, it still does not surpass the protection provides by hormonal pills. Once they are both used property, this non-hormonal method is just as effective as using a hormonal pill.

There are added options available for non-hormonal birth control methods,  when compared to birth control pills, the barrier method of using a condom and diaphragms, provides an added level of security that is it is more effective against the spread of sexually transmitted disease.

Another traditional method of non-hormonal birth control is the IUD, this device is T-shaped and has a copper wire. It is inserted into the uterus; the copper wire changes the chemistry of the uterus that destroys the sperm.

One of the benefits of the copper IUD is that it will provide up to 5 years protection, and there will be no adverse impact on the woman's fertility when it is removed. The failure rate stands at 1 in 100 per year. The IUD will not change the time in which you see your periods. Stats have shown that women who use the IUD have a reduced risk of having an ectopic pregnancy than women who do not take any form of birth controls. If you should become pregnant consult with your health care provider right away because there is a greater chance of it occurring inside the fallopian tube.

Disposable Sponge

The disposable sponge has a spermicide, and it is placed inside of the cervix were sperms are killed before they enter. This method when used along with the male condom the rate of failure decreases to 2%


This act both as a barrier method as well as a spermicide in one, it will provide up to 12 hours of protection and you do not have to change the sponge if you have several sessions of sex during this time. The sponge will enhance other methods of contraception example the condom.

Tubal ligation

This is where both fallopian tubes that carry eggs from the ovaries to the uterus is disconnected. The egg never gets the chance to link up with the sperm. This is what makes pregnancy impossible. This method of non-hormonal birth control is considered permanent as the cost to reverse the process is very expensive, and there is no guarantee. There is a 1-2.5% chance that a failure may happen up ten years later as the tubes try to heal.

This method of  non-hormonal  birth control  is one of the most effective non-hormonal birth control methods as it allows women to control their bodies. In essecence, it is for women who decide that they do not want to have any more children.

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