How To Choose Gripe Water For Babies? (Pros And Cons)


Gripe water, a fluid provided to babies with reflux, teething pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, colic as well as other ailments of the stomach. The substances differ, as well as may contain chamomile, fennel, dill, ginger, a bicarbonate, and alcohol.

gripe water for babies

It is normally provided for a baby by using a dropper. Grown ups can also take this for gas, stomach pains, relaxing or any kind of stomach ailments. You won’t find any scientific proof of the usefulness of this. If you are interested to know about the usefulness of gripe water for babies, continue reading this article.

Gripe Water For Babies

Nowadays, gripe water is available in most of the countries like a natural remedy which is both sucrose and alcohol free. Sucrose is responsible for the decay of the teeth. Along with the dill and fennel, sodium bicarbonate is the main ingredient of this. This is available as the non-prescription medicine in the US that is controlled by FDA. A number of pediatricians suggest gripe water as a cure for flatulence, colic or further tummy ailments. It is important to consult with a medical expert.

  • Gripe Water Pros: Natural ingredients, aids digestion, teething pains, no side effects and easy availability.
  • Gripe Water Cons: Alcohol content, time period, trial and error and hiccups.

How to Choose the Gripe Water for Babies?

If a doctor permits you to continue, you need to choose the best gripe water by following the few tips. So read the tips below before buying gripe water for babies.

Check the ingredients of the gripe water carefully. Avoid those brands which have sodium bicarbonate in it. This substance can affect the level of pH in the stomach of the baby. In addition, check for vegetable carbon that may cause blackened stool or constipation. The safest and the most herbal option is gripe water made from the herbal oils.

You need to check the instructions on it. Different brands come with different ingredients having different instructions. Read the labels carefully before opening the box. Some brands also recommend using their products for baby who are more than a month old. Most of the brands have a specific time period given by the product on which you can use that. A small change of ingredient can cause allergy to your baby. So check the ingredients carefully before buying it.

Though gripe water is now available in many countries of the world, you need to be conscious of it before giving it to your baby. The ingredients of the gripe water vary depending on the manufacturer. So you need to be aware of that. Take a look at the ingredient.

All You Need to Know About Gripe Water by Mommy's Bliss

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If you have any question about this, you can consult with a specialist. This is an herbal solution. So you don’t need to be worried about using this. You can search on the internet for knowing more about the product. It will help by giving information about all the possible ingredient. Though gripe water isn’t scientifically proved, this is an effective solution for many problems. It will help your baby to avoid many discomforts.

So know about the gripe water for babies and also inform others about it. Know about the regular measurements and other important facts related to this.