Causes & Solutions Of Hip Pain After Sitting


Sometimes people feel hip pain after sitting for a long time. It causes great discomfort. So you should know about this problem properly. It will help you in getting relief from the problem. Joint inflammation is the main reason for this type of problem. The problem is also known as osteoarthritis, which is caused by the age.

hip pain after sitting

It's also caused by the breakdown of the cartilage tissue that happens with the injury or inflammation of the joint. As a result, the breakdown causes deformity, swelling and pain.

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Cartilage is rubbery type, firm material which covers the end of the bones in the normal joints. This is made of proteins and water. Cartilage helps in reducing the friction of the joints. It also has the shock-absorbing quality, which helps in changing the shape when it is compressed. This happens because of the high amount of water.

Some repair is essential if the cartilage is damaged. Osteoarthritis changes slowly, which can take many years. Primary osteoarthritis affects the hip joint and causes hip pain at the time of sitting.

Effect Of Osteoarthritis Of Hip Joint (Hip Pain After Sitting)

As primary osteoarthritis affects the hip joint, it will create the problem in moving the hip. People will feel problems after sitting. They will have some trouble at the time of walking. The pain will create pain like sharp and stabbing or like something dull pain. The pain will cause a lot of suffering to the hip or maybe groin pain after sitting.

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Hip Pain After Sitting Causes

The causes are unknown. The possible causes can be overweight or joint injury. There are also some other factors like:[sc:300×250 ]

  • If the joint doesn’t form properly, it can cause hip pain.
  • If the person has problems in the cartilage like the genetic defects.
  • Another reason has additional stress on the joints. It can happen by doing heavy activities or gaining additional weight. The activities which involve the hip, cause hip pain.

All of these can cause hip pain after sitting. So we need to be careful about these.[clear]

Hip Pain Solutions

Most of the solutions related to the decrease in the maintenance of daily life. It is essential to decrease the stress on joints. It will help in having the natural movements. There are also some therapies which include specific rules for reducing the hip pain.

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You need to consult with a specialist if you want to take any therapy for the pain. A specialist will also help you in knowing about the proper form of exercise for eliminating the hip pain.

It is essential to avoid sleeping on the stomach. You need to improve the lying postures. You need to avoid sitting for a long period. You need to maintain all the solutions for avoiding the hip pain after sitting.

If the condition doesn’t change after maintaining all the facts, then you need to contact a doctor. He will help you in this fact. Some medicines are also prescribed for getting relief for a long time. In this way, you will be able to maintain a healthy life free from the pain related to the hip.