How to Keep Your Skin Tight During Weight Loss?


Obesity is a major problem that affects millions of people around the world. As an obese person, your body converts all unused sugars and proteins into fat which is stored in the hips, thighs and waist among other areas. The body responds by stretching the skin in order to accommodate the excess body weight forming beneath it.

keep your skin tight

Being obese, one is prone to various problems such as stroke, heart problems, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes among others. The above health complications usually result in serious body damage while others lead to death.

In order to avoid them, an obese person needs to lose weight. Losing weight helps one dodge the above medical complications but it also has effects on your skin. The once taut skin now becomes saggy due to collagen being broken down beneath the skin. This usually happens especially when one tries to lose a lot of weight rapidly.

Drink Water Regularly

Water is considered very important to humans although it has no calories. The skin as a body organ needs to be hydrated from time to time in order to maintain its elasticity. Dry skin usually results in cracking and wrinkle formation especially in different parts of the body.

To avoid dry skin, it is important to start drinking the recommended glasses of water that is 6 to 8 glasses. Keeping a schedule of drinking 6 to 8 glasses a day may not be simple especially to those busy at work.

To help manage the 6 to 8 glasses schedule, you need to have 6 to 8 rubber bands and wrap them around your wrist. Every time you drink a glass, you remove a single rubber band and keep it aside. By doing so, you will be able to keep within the recommended schedule of drinking water.

keep your skin tightLose Weight Slowly and Steadily

Rapid weight loss leaves one’s skin sagging therefore it is not recommended. In order to have a tight skin at the end of losing weight, you need to engage in activities that allow your body to shed off weight and burn fat at a steady pace.

By having a goal of losing 2 pounds each week, you give the skin time to adapt and fit in the new form.

Start Weight Training Exercises At Home Or The Gym 

Weight training exercises have an ultimate goal at the end; burn the fat in order to allow one lose to weight. Training exercises are beneficial especially in preserving the skin and muscle tone of one’s body. When one is overweight, the muscles are not well toned which is as a result of fat lining the skin and the muscles.

During weight training exercises, one needs to lift weights two to three times in a week in order to tone the muscles. Muscles which are firm help improve the appearance of an individual’s skin.

Perform Dry Skin Brushing Many Times In A Week 

Dry skin brushing is a method recommended by many medical experts to help the skin maintain a glowing and tight appearance. To start dry brushing you need a high quality brush with bristles made with natural materials. It should have a long handle to provide a good grip and also allow you to reach different areas when performing the exercise.

To perform dry skin brushing effectively, you need to start brushing towards the heart. Brush the entire body even the soles of the feet. You can choose to start from the feet as you move upwards or the other way round. Use long sweeping strokes for the best results.

Dry skin brushing helps increase blood circulation and helps in skin regeneration.

Add Lecithin Supplement In Your Diet

Lecithin is a supplement made especially for the skin and helps in skin regeneration. Skin cells are replaced from time to time and the supplement helps the body speed up the process. The supplement can be purchased from many stores both local and online.

Before using, you need to consult a medical professional about your cause of weight gain, so as to get the correct dosage. Also you can request a medical professional to advice you on the best stores to purchase lecithin supplements from and which have no additives and have been made from natural products.


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