Is There Such A Thing As Is Healthy Chinese Food?


Everybody loves Chinese Food, but if you are like most women, you may be concerned with what goes into your body. What women really want to know is this: is there such a thing as is Healthy Chinese Food?

is healthy chinese food

There is an age old saying “everything in moderation”, but is this true for Chinese Food. There is a strong possibility that you have a Chinese restaurant nearby your house that offers speedy delivery. Chinese food can be healthy, but it depends on what you eat and in what quantities. When ordering food from a Chinese menu please do so with care so that you have a balance of lean protein, dietary fiber and a wide array of vegetables.

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Order Some Lean Protein

For nutritious, is Healthy Chinese food select lean elements of protein, like seafood, fish, shrimp, and tofu. You can also consider a skinless chicken breast. These types of dishes are low in cholesterol-raising saturated fat and offer vital substances like iron and zinc. Avoid fatty foods like deep fried chicken that carry an excessive amount of calories and have trans-fatty acids. Beware of consuming meats like pork, hefty pieces of beef and chicken that still have their skin. According to the American Heart Association, there is no health hazard in ordering baked meats and steamed dumplings instead of egg rolls and fried wontons. If you are not interested in steamed, boiled or broiled dumplings or wontons you could also make a special request to the chef that they stir-fry your course in less oil than normal.

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Consume Healthy Carbs

Chinese food can be very healthy if you are about to place your order choose vegetables in abundance. Vegetables are an excellent choice of dietary fiber. They contain Vitamins C and A, as well as Potassium. A stir fry with chicken or shrimp alongside steamed vegetables instead of carbohydrates such as noodles and white rice would also be a promising option. If you must have rice, brown rice is the way to go. Try to avoid dishes that contain noodles such as Chow Mein.

Avoid Excessive Amounts Of Sodium

According to the American Heart Association, Chinese foods are known to have high levels of sodium. For example, Salty Sauces have high sodium constituents especially in Chinese cuisines. Consider This: 1 Tablespoon of soy sauce has 1,005 Milligrams of Sodium and 1 Tablespoon of Teriyaki Sauce has 690 Milligrams of Sodium. A high level of sodium can increase your blood pressure, making you prone to strokes and heart disease. Healthy adults should not consume more than 2,300 Milligrams of Sodium each day. To restrict your use of sodium, let the chef know to refrain from adding too much soy sauce and be sure not to add any additional soy sauce once your food arrives.

The Chinese Restaurant Complex

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Chinese use a flavor enhancer known as Monosodium Glutamate, which is the same as a chemical found in the brain. Chinese Restaurant Complex is related to the set of manifestations such as; sweating, headache, and chest pain, that many people experience after consuming Chinese food. Although many case studies have been unsuccessful with linking MSG and these signs, Medline Plus still recommends that you ask your chef to prep the food without MSGs.

In Conclusion

There is such a thing as is healthy Chinese Food. It’s just important to choose wisely when ordering food from your local restaurant. Though you may be tempted to order fried dumplings and chow main, be wise and avoid these things. Seafood and vegetables have much better benefits. All of this is answer of “Is healthy Chinese Food?”