Every time we feel bad, we Ask:  What Does Estrogen Do?


What does estrogen do in both sexes? Estrogen is the sex hormone which is found in the ovaries of women. This stimulates the growth of the women’s sex organ as well as the breast and pubic hair. The same is responsible in regulating menstruation cycle among women. Should the menstrual cycle is abnormal, estrogen level perhaps increases. Both men and women have estrogen. The estrogen of men is lower compared to men. The decrease and increase in this hormone in both men and women have adverse effect to their physical being.

what does estrogen do

What does estrogen do in men?

Estrogen in men is responsible in assisting the maturation of sperm as well as in normal male reproduction.  The decrease of estrogen level in men directly affects their reproductive system resulting to infertility. There are men who indulge in taking female hormone to supplement their estrogen level. However, there have been reported cases of side effects of estrogen increase of men.

The growth of breast tissue is more notable among transgender because most of them are taking birth control pills. Such growth will eventually complicate to cancer cells formation in their breast. Mental changes of men are also affected by estrogen level.  There have been known reports that those men who are regularly taking estrogen have notable changes in their mental activity. They become inactive in their physical activities as well as in their assertion. They become less assertive and less aggressive.

In the case of women, what does estrogen do?

The sex hormone or commonly known as estrogen level in women decreases, adverse effects in their total health are present.

Ask women and they will enumerate the different diseases women have suffered due to spike of estrogen level in their bodies. The menstrual cycle becomes abnormal. There are those who experience delays and some experience prolonged menstruation. Perhaps, you have heard about ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer and breast cancer. These three known cancers are the ultimate prevailing adverse effects.   

The Breast Cancer is the result of the stimulation of estrogen in the proteins in the cancer cells. In most cases, those women who eat a lot of meat and are positive of masses in their breast are most likely victims of breast cancer. Some would advise, the moment estrogen spikes, one should refrain from eating meat. In this will stop the generation protein in cancer cells. Only meat is feeds to cancer cells because their proteins are destructive to our bodies.

Next in the list is the endometrial cancer. This state of cancer is usually manifested by heavy and prolonged bleeding caused by the fast build-up of lining in the uterus by the manipulation of estrogen. Normally, when OBgyne diagnosed thickening of the endometrium in women, majority of them would recommend for major operation, the removal of uterus.

And we have heard about ovarian cancer. Women get cancer in ovary when they have been users of certain types of hormone like pills for longer period of times. The longer the HRT, the higher the risk of ovarian cancer. Sad news among women who drinks and who smokes but do not exercise, you have all the chances of getting ovarian cancer. For those on family planning, what will you do when  can be one of them.

Hormone replacement therapy either estrogen or progesterone, you get colorectal cancer by the time you will experience post-menopausal symptoms. And heart disease is always in the list. While spike of estrogen level may lead to endometrial cancer, the reverse will affect the heart. Of the artery wall but it has adverse effect to the formation of lining in women’s uterus.

There have been a lot of issues relating to the estrogen level of both men and women. Side effects are more than the positive effects. The prevailing condition in the increase of estrogen in women is likely implied to the challenge of keeping everything normal. To be safe, women should be physically fit in order to prevent any abnormalities in ones physical well-being.

Do you know now, what does estrogen do? That we may not be able to escape, or else one day, you will just realize you ended up as cancer patients. Don’t let this happen, let us all care for ourselves. 

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