Understanding Wrinkling in The Neck Region and Why Does it Occurs?


Understanding Wrinkling in The Neck Region and Why Does it Occurs? — The neck and chest, are the two major body parts that betray our age. These two areas are not always taken care of like they should and we perhaps remember them only when the warm weather arrives; that is when we take off our scarves, handkerchiefs and scarves and turtlenecks.


The neck has a very thin and delicate skin and thus it requires special care. If we don’t give it the attention that it deserves, it will wrinkle sooner than we think. If you have a bigger chest, then the situation is worse because it makes the wrinkles more advanced. The neck skin also suffers from sun damage much as your face. On the chin, excess fat in that area or sagging skin in that area, makes you appear older than you really are.

Understanding wrinkling in the neck region

The neck area also has a very thin skin, the skin has hair follicles and sebaceous glands,but since the skin is thinner, the skin maybe more sensitive and dry. Second, the neck muscles are often weaker unless you do special exercise and maintain vertical posture since the neck is affected by gravity leading to sagging of the skin. The sagging of the skin maybe caused by excess free radicals due to consumption of snuff or undue stress, it is also one of the signs and symptoms of wrinkles.

Keep in mind that in this musculature we have the most important arteries of the human body and also,this area houses the thyroid gland. So when we use very aggressive treatments it might be harmful to these important structures.

One of the most appropriate rules to prevent these wrinkles are exercises that help strengthen the muscles in this area and stimulate blood flow to the area, thereby increasing oxygen in the area. Just like you apply moisturizers to your face, you will need to take care of your neck by moisturizing it and pampering it to enhance collagen production.

To take care of your neck, you need to ensure that the neck stays upright–especially if you have a job that needs you to look down for many hours. Also, you need to sleep on pillows that promote sleeping in an upright position without compromising on comfort ability.

Various treatments are available to mitigate the wrinkles depending on the depth of the wrinkle and fold. In the case of simple wrinkles that are thin; a plastic surgeon can use fillers to compensate for the wrinkling. Another form of cosmetic treatment usually used is radio frequency treatment that aims at increasing the flaccidity of the area.

You must take care of your neck in the same devotion and seriousness that you take care of your face. However, there are specific products for your neck. The neckline also suffers from the same sun damage your face suffers. Luckily, some guys from Solvaderm thought it was a good idea to come up with a one-fits-all product for the neck region.

Revivatone cream is an advanced science-based repair solution that has been specifically formulated to correct the multiple signs of aging that appear on our neck and chest area. It contains dual-peptide complexthat is proven to boosts collagen production in our bodies thus improve the skin's tensile strength and helps fortify the dermal structural support network of the skin.

The product is taunted to have the following benefits;

  • Provides a visible tightening and lifting effect
  • Maximizes skin’s youthful properties at and beneath the surface
  • Optimizes the appearance, health, and condition of skin
  • Boosts collagen synthesis to increase firmness
  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin’s tone and overall resilience
  • Protects elastin fibers to preserve skin’s flexibility
  • Moisturizes skin to improve softness and smoothness
  • Forties the dermal support network to make skin stronger
  • Corrects rough and uneven surface texture

Where to buy Revivatone cost?

Revivatone costs only $49 from the official website. I have seen several other stores selling the product but I always recommend buying from the official stores– since you have the confidence that you are buying a genuine product– because the official website is very informative and contains products that work well with Revivatone. The sooner you start taking care of your neck, the sooner you stop aging.