All about Premature Facial Wrinkles Every Girl Should Know


The face is the most outstanding part of our bodies. Before someone sees anything else the face is what defines you. Assuming that at mid twenties your facial skin begins getting creases and looking old. Premature aging can be caused by several factors ranging from diet to lifestyle.

Premature Facial Wrinkles

To deal with these wrinkles we will need to analyze a few factors about our lifestyle and how we can rectify to avoid this uncomfortable look at an early age. Facial wrinkles can lower a person’s self esteem especially if they occur at an early age.

Avoid too much exposure to the sun

About almost all the skin aging process depends on the amount of sunlight our skin is exposed to throughout our life. Solar radiation accelerates destruction of collagen fibers through oxidation. These fibers become rigid and fragile destroying their basic structure. Accelerated oxidation damages the genetic material in the skin cells thus causing an abnormal cells division. This increases risk of malignant skin lesions leading to appearance of rough, thin and wrinkled skin. Prolonged sun exposure damages sebaceous glands causing dryness and sensitivity of skin. Avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun will prevent early skin wrinkles.

Stop abusing drugs

Smokers lower their levels of vitamin C in their blood. Vitamin C is a key component in the production of collagen fibers responsible for elasticity and appearance of youthful and healthy skin. Premature fine lines caused by smoking and other drug abused mostly appear on places where skin is very thin. You observe that they are found on the sides of their eyes, and above the upper lip. Quitting smoking and other drugs will be of much help. It has been concluded that these wrinkles occur around two years earlier for smokers. So, don’t get old while still young.

The relevant make up

The skin gets drier as you get older. To bring back the moisture and prevent wrinkles consider following make up tips to hide facial wrinkles. These include using a moisturizer with Hyaluronic acid which pulls in water and plums the skin. The treatment also makes the skin to have a light moisture rich foundation. However, don’t use heavy coverage on wrinkles because this will draw much attention to them. Do not overdo make ups. Take it easy when using anti aging creams. Do only one or two products at a time. Excessive use of make ups might highlight the wrinkles and make aging more evident.

Avoid stress and depression

Prolonged feeling of emotional turmoil, sadness and hopelessness contributes to faster aging. They increase stress hormones, cortical and adrenaline. These accelerate aging processes such as suppression of normal synthesis of connective tissue. It also causes shortening of telomeres that affect the life of cells. This stops cell division and causes premature cell death. They cause obesity of the face along with osteoporotic processes that damage bone density and cause changes in bone structure. Being lively and stress free will do wonders in helping you from aging fast.

Observe diet concerns

Diet plays a big role in almost everything that happens in our lives including aging. Simple sugar and sweets cause the connective tissue to become rigid and lose its elasticity. On the other hand, protein is important in the production of protein structures in the skin and this is vital in the appearance of a younger skin. The best we can do is cutting on the amount of carbohydrates and maximize proteins in our diet. Also, fruits and vegetable are great sources of antioxidants which cleanse the skin. Remember, sun exposure, smoking, chronic diseases and air pollution damage our skins. So, antioxidant prevents such toxins from reaching the deeper skin layers and partially neutralizes the oxidative damages.

Avoid facial mimicking

Tendering to talk with exaggerated facial movements is acquired and learned. Intensive use of facial muscles brings exaggerated expression on the face causing one to look older. Frowning causes appearance of a frown line between the eyebrows. Similarly frowning and raising eyebrows causes’ appearance of a horizontal wrinkle on the forehead. The repeated use of expression muscles creates dominance under the skin and damages the relaxed and smooth appearance typical to a young looking face. These permanent lines can occur at any age depending on how often you use them.


Maintaining a healthy skin is habit that can be learned. You cannot control genetic factors but you can control other causes preventing premature aging of your face. Once you are aware what is causing your older appearance then getting a remedy is very simple. This can only be attained by maintaining a discipline on what you do. Remember the more comfortable you feel about yourself the higher your self esteem will be. Do not be a slave of appearance, be knowledgeable and avoid those ‘bad’ wrinkles.