You’re Considering Breast Reduction And Lift


breast reduction and lift

Women are very alert about their look and fitness. They always tried to look sexy in front of others. For the women who are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts, breast reduction and lift is the best surgical procedure to give the desired look and shape to their breasts. In this process, extra skin and tissues from the breasts surrounding is removed to lift your breast and give proper shape to it. Woman after pregnancy and with the increasing age loses her breast tightness and shape. So, this surgery can help to regain one’s confidence and self-image.

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Learn To Know About Breast Reduction And Lift

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is also known as reduction mammaplasty. The primary goal of breast reduction is to reduce the size of your breast and give proper shape to it according to the rest of the body so that they are no longer part of your discomfort. Women who smoke must stop smoking before this surgery. If they don’t do this, then after the surgery they have high risk of facing poor healing, infection, scarring. After this surgery, you will wear a surgical bra. The pain will decreases in few weeks. You will feel very self-confidence and comfortable about your appearance.

breast reduction before and after

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When To Consider Breast Reduction?

  • If your breast are too large and cause pain in your body.
  • If your breast nipples and areolas points downwards.
  • If your breasts are not of equal size, i.e. one is larger than other.
  • If you are feeling ashamed by the appearance of your breast size.

There are lots of others procedures related to breast reduction. You can read about them in the books or on the internet.


Breast Reduction Before And After

breast reduction before and after breast reduction before and after breast reduction before and after

Photo by Dr Eddy Dona M.D. – Click on photo to zoom

Breast Lifting

Breast lifting is also known as mastopexy. The main goal of breast lifting is to raise the breasts by removing excess skin. With age sometimes, areola becomes enlarged. With breast lifting, it can also be reduced as well. You can get this surgery at any age when your breast stops developing. You can get one lifting before and after pregnancy. There are very rare complications after breast lifting like bleeding, infection and scarring. After having this surgery, you should avoid heavy things lifting for at least 4 to 5 weeks. Breast lift surgery does not significantly change the size of your breast. It just re-shapes your breast.

Breast Lifting

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When To Consider Breast Lifting?

  • After pregnancy, when your breast loses its tightness and results in sagging.
  • If the tissues around your breasts become stretched.
  • When your surgeon suggests you for this implantation.

Breast Lift Before And After

breast lift before and after  breast lift before and after breast lift before and after

Photo by Dr Eddy Dona M.D. – Click on photo to zoom

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Make your body attractive and beautiful by these surgical methods “breast reduction and lift”. Now, don’t feel ashamed about your big or small breast sizes. Concern your surgeon about this surgery and regain your confidence. If you feel any kind of irritation and pain because of your massive breast sizes, then discuss it with a lady specialist. There are no side effects of theses operations. These surgeries rank among the highest in patient satisfaction. After the surgery, your body will look in better proportion. Now you will be able to wear clothes according to your choice. By these surgeries, life of many patients has been improved.