Signs Of Colon Cancer In Women And Early Prevention


Signs of colon cancer in women and early prevention: Colon cancer has been a common ailment affecting both sexes. Perhaps, it is the third most common deadly cancer in women.

This gives women reason not to underestimate their chances to develop cancer on the walls of the colon.

signs of colon cancer in women

The fallacy of colon cancer being a man’s should be totally erased from the minds and thinking with educating people on the risk factors for women, on how they can minimize the colon cancer and the best way of receiving screening and treatment.

As women get aged the risk of suffering from colon cancer increases. Menopause is not the solution to this. Those women with other cancers such as breast cancer, uterine cancer and lung cancer are viable for colorectal cancer. Large intestines being of importance in the digestive system where water and materials are absorbed in the body, disease may affect its ability to perfume this functions leading to sudden weight loss that cannot be explained.

colon cancer

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Colon cancer diagnosis can be very awful. The risks, prevention and treatment of colon cancer are still not widely recognized and aren't discussed as colon cancer affects parts of the body that people often find difficult or even forbidden to talk about.

Ways To Protect Yourself From Developing Colon Cancer

  • Undergoing colonoscopy hat is receiving proper screening. This will enable early detection of signs of colon cancer in women so that it can be treated.
  • Hormone replacement therapy is a good method for those women who have gone back menopause to reduce the likelihood of colorectal cancer.
  • Regular exercises on daily basis and consumption of calcium rich foods can decrease the risk of colorectal cancer.

Symptoms of Colon Cancer (Signs Of Colon Cancer In Women)

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The signs differ according to the location of cancer within the rectum. The primary and most common symptom of colon cancer is rectal bleeding; this is caused by cancer from the left-side of the colon. This can be noticed by blood stains on the stool. At the late stages, it may cause abdominal pain, constipation and obstructive signs. Right side colon cancer produce vague abdominal aching and altered bowel habit. There are some signs that result from chronic blood loss which include; weight loss, weakness or anemia. Blood loss is a sign of cancer of the right side of the colon.

Other signs include;

  • Changes in the consistency of stool, stool becomes watery which can lead to dehydration if enough water is not taken into the body.
  • Presence of bright red and dark spots of blood on the stool, this may be caused by tumor in the colon.
  • Feeling that you cannot empty completely your bowel

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signs of colon cancer in women

For early detection of colon cancer, regular screening is recommended and should be continuous for those people over 50 years. Under 50, you are not left behind or you are not exceptional you may be a victim since no man is a highland. Signs may not be visible in the first stage that is why you should make it a habit of visiting your doctor for checks.

Some people may be under 50 and have a family history of colon cancer. If you are one, you should make an effort and talk with your doctor when it is appropriate to start regular screening. This is because you may be likely to be a victim on colon cancer. Your body’s health is your choice hence signs of colon cancer in women should be taken seriously to avoid late detection when it will no longer be treated.