Facts About Breast Cancer In Both Men And Women


Do you know the facts about breast cancer? Breast cancer begins when the cells of a breast start to divide and grow in a way that is abnormal. Breast cancer is not usually one single disease. There are normally various types of breast cancer. This cancer is in a position to be diagnosed at stages that are different and usually grow at different rates.

facts about breast cancer

Hence, this means that different people who have breast cancer can have treatment that is different which depends on what will work on them best. In fact, the most common cancer among the people of UK is breast cancer, around 55 thousand of people are usually diagnosed with it in every year of which 350 of them are men.

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Getting older, being a female, having a family history of breast cancer are some of the biggest risks that can lead some people to getting breast cancer. The reason I have mentioned getting older as the risk factor is because cancer of the breast mostly occurs in women who are over the age of 50 years with a percentage of around over 80%.

About half of all the cases of breast cancer that are reported are usually diagnosed in the people who are in the age group of 50 to 69. An earlier detection of breast cancer increased knowledge and also understanding of the biology of cancer of the breast and treatments that are better mean that the rates of survival after breast cancer diagnosis are improving. It is usually more than eight people out of ten people who do survive cancer of the breast for over five years.

It is more than ¾ of people who normally survive it for a period that is more than ten years. It is usually thought that about 55o thousand people of the UK who are alive are normally diagnosed with cancer of the breast.

Various Facts About Breast Cancer

A lifetime risk of developing cancer of the breast is one woman in a group of eight women. This simply means that out of 8 women in the UK, one of them will develop cancer of the breast in their lifetime. It also means that seven women out of the eight women will not develop the breast cancer.

The Facts – Breast Cancer Awareness: (youtube.com) Short film on Breast Cancer featuring models from the Lindsay Alicia and Marcellina Fashion Show held on October 22nd, 2009 at Boucarou Lounge in NYC. The factual information provided by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The important report that everyone should learn about breast cancer.

Estimated Risk Of Getting Cancer Of The Breast According To Age:

  • The risk of being 29 years is one woman in 2 thousand women.
  • The risk of being 39 years is one woman in 215 women.
  • The risk of being 49 years is one woman in 50 women
  • The risk of being 59 years is one woman in 22 women.
  • The risk of being 69 years is one woman in 13 women.
  • And finally the lifetime risk is one woman in eight women.

Both women and also men normally get cancer of the breast, although it is common in women and rare in men. In each year, it is normally around 400 men who are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK.

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Older people are more likely to develop cancer of the breast as compared to people who are younger. Age is known to be the strongest risk factor that can result in the development of cancer of the breast. Hence, we can conclude that, the older a person is, the higher the risk of getting cancer of the breast. About 81 % of women who are diagnosed to have cancer of the breast are women.

Breast Screening

Breast Screening

Image @ Easy Ways To Check Your Breasts (goodtoknow.co.uk)

Mammography that is the breast screening is usually an x-ray examination of breasts. It can help in detecting cancer of the breast before a person can get to notice any signs of cancer or symptoms. It is said that the sooner cancer of the breast is diagnosed; the most effective the treatment is going to be.

Since breast cancer is normally common to women who are over 50 years, women who are usually 50 years and above are normally invited for a routine of breast screening in every three years. Breast tissues of women who are younger can be dense, hence making the image of the mammogram to be less clear so normal changes or even benign can be hard to identify.

All the above are some facts about breast cancer though there are many more, I only managed to list down those. You should go for a breast screening in order to be safe.