Workouts to Lose Belly Fat: Ways to Burn Your Belly


The belly fat is probably the hardest to lose for people who want to trim down. After a diet regime, one can end up losing body mass and weight and yet, keep that stubborn belly profile. What are the effective workouts to lose belly fat? This article will tackle the topic in its entirety to enlighten everybody.

workouts to lose belly fat

A holistic approach to belly fat loss starts with a good lifestyle. One should stop eating processed food that contains much sugar, salt, and sodium. Processed food contains chemicals that bloat the belly, and that certainly will not help in belly reduction. Take lots of fruits and water instead. Instead, eat lots of fiber enriched food to cleanse the intestines, lots of protein for metabolism and fewer carbs for fat loss.

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Another overlooked ‘To do' is sleep. People who sleep less than 5 hours a day have been determined to be slow losers of belly fat. Those who get enough sleep, however, have been to react quickly positively to various exercises. Get lots of sleep.

In terms of exercise, the belly fat does not shrink only from targeted and area specific exercises. Those thousand crunches or sit up repetitions simply won’t work but rather, put much strain on the neck and lower back. It may even lead to serious neck and lower back injury. Good workouts to lose belly fat pay attention to the entire body and not just on the belly. High intensity exercises that combine cardio and strength development have been proven to be effective. As stubborn as the belly may be, it can be trimmed by dedicated high-intensity cardio and strength workouts.

Warm ups followed by sprints in the treadmill is effective when repeated a few times and done three times a week. There is also a regimen called spin aerobics which makes intensive use of the exercise bike. People say it is the best cardio workout in town. The same regimen may be done using the exercise bike. Blood test results, as well as actual weight tests, show that an exercise bike is an excellent tool. The downside to this exercise is to people who live in small apartments and do not have space for the bike or treadmill. In that case, they may have to enroll in a gym.

The punching bag requires little space and is very effective but may not be liked by neighbors. Punching a heavy bag creates vibrations and low-frequency sound that is heard beyond concrete walls. For people who do not have that problem, a workout called boxing aerobics is highly recommended.

The jumping rope has many exercise variations that are effective workouts to lose belly fat. As one gets the rhythm of the jump rope, speed may be increased and result to higher intensity training. 10minutes of jump rope training every day will create those lovely boxers abs within a couple of months. The rowing machine is also another excellent exercise for those who want to lose belly fat. The rowing machine is heavy on cardio and focuses on the belly. 15 minutes of rowing machine exercises a day should help a lot.

Swimming is another exercise for those who have access to a long pool and a couple of house three times a week. One can do so laps each with the freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breast strokes. In a couple of months, that belly fat should have shrunk to barely noticeable levels.

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To sum it up, Crunches and belly targeted workouts have proven to be largely insufficient and even dangerous. Many serious athletes have suffered from lower back injuries from years of sit ups and unsupported crunches. Workouts to lose belly fat should be fast and high-intensity exercises. It makes the person more alert and on top of attaining the main goal of trimming that belly.

However, one must be reminded to eat right and less and get lots of sleep. Attaining excellent health is everyone’s main objective and much work needs to be done. Exercises alone do not lead to smaller bellies and overall good health. A combination of the right diet, exercise and sleep is what everybody needs.

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