Watch Out Your Diet List, Include the Acid Reflux Foods to Avoid and See for You the Amazing Results


Living a healthy life is a dream of everyone. We all dream a life that is free from discomfort much to be free from any illnesses. One of the common discomforts pressing us nowadays is the commonly known as the acid reflux. This is a condition when a person experiences a sort of burning pain around the lower chest area. This condition requires including one’s diet the listing of acid reflux foods to avoid.  Considering the listing of acid reflux causing foods sounds a lighter issue but entails serious effects to one’s health when not given emphasis.

acid reflux foods to avoid

Let us seriously understand the context of acid reflux and how this happens and what is the food that causes if not triggers acid reflux.

Please note that acid reflux is described as the accumulated acid deposits of the stomach which flows back and forth from the stomach to the esophagus.  Because this is acid that goes up and down from stomach to the esophagus, we can really feel pain. This condition can be triggered by the food we eat.

How conscious we are to the alkaline or the acidic content of the food we eat every day? Perhaps, our busy schedule in our workplaces sometimes contributes to our eating habit or lifestyle. We do not count nor account the acid content much the alkaline content of the food that we are supposed to eat. There are foods which experts classified them as alkaline food and there are also food that too acidic that our system will possibly react.

But, the frequent discomfort attributed by the accumulated acid deposits in our stomach which will eventually cause us to feel pain in our chest, then we have to see for ourselves the noted seven  foods that trigger if not worsen the   acid reflux  in our bodies.

The first food that I am going to mention will surely feel bad by lovers of chocolate. Would you believe that one of the many acid reflux foods to avoid is cholate? Believe it or not chocolate contains caffeine and other stimulants which can cause reflux. Not only the high fat and the cocoa content too. Continue feeling bad because the next food item that I am to reveal is your day to day companion, the soda. Experts illustrate how the bubbles of the carbonation expand the stomach. The pressure during the expansion will cause reflux. And please note and beware of these drinks when you are experiencing bad mood of reflux, almost all the carbonated beverages like soda, coke, tab and even diet pepsi have high level of acid. Imagine this acid added to the accumulated acid deposits in your stomach, can you still afford to smile?

Are you the type of person who loves to eat food cooked of oil?  This I must advise to stop the bad habit because fried foods are known to have associated effects to heartburn for they contain high bad fat. Well, the next food that I am going to uncover is quite common only for men, the alcohol.

What makes alcohol acidic?

Actually beer, Liquor and wine are not acidic but they can keep the valve at the end of the oesophagus relax paving a way out of the acid from the stomach to pass through which lead to reflux.  All the more when you eat high-fat dairy products. They can keep you feel bad because it was proven by medical researches that all high-fat foods cause reflux.

The next food to reveal for sure would lose your happiness in life because if you are experiencing acid reflux, never eat high fat meats and you have to avoid caffeinated drinks.

After reading this article and you are a reader who is suffering from acid reflux, you might as well pronounce that acid reflux spoils not only your day but also your appetite. All those enumerated foods are your favourites and the make you happy and satisfied during mealtime. Yet, the consequence is reflux.

Anyhow, it is up all to you to decide for yourself, for those acid reflux foods to avoid. Will you bid them goodbye until your reflux is cured or will you be tempted to eat all of them and continue suffering reflux?

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