Importance Of Yoga For Pregnant Women


yoga for pregnant women

Many will be surprised to hear that there is yoga for pregnant women. Keep on worrying on how it is done but after closing this chapter you will get a real image in your mind pertaining yoga for pregnant women. When you are, pregnant many changes occur in the body that is body size, shape and many more. Some part of the body might start hurting which you don’t have any clue if they existed.

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Precautions Of Yoga During Pregnancy

Standing yoga poses are right for the first time as it helps in the strengthening of the legs, generating energy, enhancing circulation and finally reduce leg cramps. On the second time, try to focus much into breathing and medication as well. There must be a reduction in the time spent on practicing Asanas in order to prevent fatigue. You are not supposed to practice from the tenth to the fourteenth week of your pregnancy since this is an important time in your pregnancy. Concentrate on the shoulders and the upper back and avoid completely twisting the abdomen.

Important Yoga Poses Each And Every Pregnant Woman Must Know

  • Extended Side Angle Pose
  • Cow Poses
  • Sitting Side Stretch
  • Child's Pose
  • Triangle Pose

Pregnancy Yoga: A Practice for Each Trimester – Uploaded on Aug 21, 2009 (
3 prenatal yoga practices on this DVD. Combine breathing exercises with positions that carefully strengthen your arms and legs and stretch the torso and spine to create space for growing baby. She filmed while pregnant with her twins. Filmed in three beautiful settings in Honolulu. Presented by Cathy Louise Broda, who was carrying twins at the time of filming.

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Importance Of Yoga

If you maintain doing it regularly then, your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing will be improved. Here are the benefits for these postures;

  • They ease muscle tension and feel calm.
  • Improves blood circulation flexibility and muscle tone.
  • Develops stamina and strength.
  • Calms the nervous system.
  • Helps you stay relaxed.
  • Nurturing time.
  • Preparation for Labor.
  • Connection with baby.
  • Breathwork practice.
  • Sense of community.

When To Start Yoga During Pregnancy?

This may be a question that you have been holding and asking yourself when to start it. Get and get it right, the best time for those who have never tried it is on the fourteenth week of pregnancy. Listen to this; never try postures that you are not used to. This can make you weak or end up losing the growing baby in the stomach. Common miscarriages happen in the fourteenth week that is why you should take keen advice given by your instructor. For you to be on the safer side don’t exercise yoga on the first 3-months of your pregnancy.

Yoga for pregnant women assists a lot during birth as you will find out that the body is well prepared, flexible and healthy. While practicing yoga, you will gain strength which will enable you to push the kid during birth. Make yoga is part of your life and stay healthy.