How Do You Know If You Are Pregnant?


How do you know if you are pregnant? – this is important for a woman. Some early symptoms can help in getting answers. So you should know about the symptoms of the pregnancy properly.

how do you know if you are pregnant

The symptoms of pregnancy are different for each woman. The symptoms can vary from one pregnancy to the other. You won’t be able to recognize the symptoms sometimes. So you need to be careful and you should know all the possible symptoms. Here are some symptoms which will help you to know the answers of how do you know if you are pregnant.

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  • A bleeding occurs after 6-12 days of the fertilization of the egg. Some women mix this with the menstruation. But these are not the same. So it’s essential to be careful about this. This is an earlier symptom of pregnancy.
  • Another sign of pregnancy is the change in the breast. This is caused by the rapid change in the hormonal level. It may appear like tender. The area around the nipples will be darker than the previous time. You can also feel breast pain during this period.
  • Tiredness is another symptom. A woman will feel tireder than normal time during the pregnancy. This happens due to low blood sugar as well as the increase in blood production.
  • A well-known symptom of pregnancy is the morning sickness. This doesn’t happen for every pregnant woman. But most of them face this problem. They feel craving for food. The opposite things happen for some women. They can’t have food easily.
  • Missing period is one of the must have symptoms of the pregnancy. But it is not necessary that delayed or miss period will only cause the pregnancy. There can also be some other causes behind this.
  • Frequent urination is another symptom that happens at the time of pregnancy.[sc:Right300x250 ]
  • Constipation is another symptom of pregnancy. You need to have plenty of water during pregnancy for avoiding this.
  • The mood swings happen during pregnancy. This is seen at the time of the first trimester.
  • Back pains, headaches are observed besides being fainting. Fainting is related to the dilation of the blood vessels. This is also caused by the low blood pressure. The back pain can be observed during the whole pregnancy period though it can be lower by maintaining few rules.

These are some symptoms of pregnancy. It isn’t necessary to have all the symptoms of pregnancy. You need to confirm the pregnancy by consulting with a doctor. There are also some pregnancy tests. You need to do them for confirmation. If you have further questions about how do you know if you are pregnant, contact with a specialist. It will help you.

There are also available books on pregnancy. Read them thoroughly as having clear idea. It’s important for every couple to have a clear idea about pregnancy. It helps in doing a proper family planning. So you need to consult a doctor earlier if you need a baby or not.