What Not To Eat When Pregnant? (Foods to Avoid)


It is essential to know what not to eat when pregnant as well as knowing about the pregnancy. Special care is needed for the upcoming child. Healthy foods will help a lot beside the healthy lifestyle.

what not to eat when pregnant

So know about which foods are needed to be avoided beside knowing which are good for pregnancy.

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List of What Not To Eat When Pregnant

Animal origin, undercooked or raw foods are needed to be avoided. Homemade eggnog, cake dough, raw cookie, unpasteurized eggs, sushi, clams, raw oysters, rare meat are included in this type of food items. These foods can contain parasites, viruses as well as bacteria that can cause illness. So it’s important for a pregnant woman to be aware of this.

Unpasteurized dairy food, luncheon meats, hot dogs can cause listeriosis. This can cause miscarriage as well as serious problems of your health. Besides the luncheon meats and hot dogs; seafood and other processed meats can contain listeria besides the smoked refrigerated seafood, meat spreads, refrigerated pates.

You can have an idea about this by checking the labels. Avoid the raw milk and other products which are made from the unpasteurized milk.[sc:Right300x250 ]

Fishes, which have a high level of mercury are needed to be avoided. Mercury affects badly on the brain development as well as the development of the nervous system of the child. So you should avoid large fishes like king mackerel, tilefish, shark, swordfish, etc.

Alcohol, Another important thing is avoiding alcohol like spirits, wine or beer. These affect the general fatal development. The effects are permanent on the physical growth and the intellectual abilities. Unpasteurized juices are also needed to be avoided.

Energy beverages, soft drinks, tea, coffee increase the possibility of miscarriage as well as reducing the weight of the child.

Herbal tea, But there isn’t any assurance of safety with this type of product during the pregnancy. Different herbs can have a different effect on the body. So you need to avoid herbal teas.

Cause allergy, You need to avoid foods which can cause allergy. If your other baby has allergies, then you need to be careful. It can do harm to the growing child. It reduces the risk of having any bad effect of the child due to the food.

So you need to avoid peanuts, as well as peanut products besides other allergic foods.

You need to eat more than the previous time. It will fulfill the hunger of your child beside yours. You need also to keep in mind that you need not have excessive weight. Having excessive calories can cause this type of problem.

It will cause overweight of your growing baby. So you need to be careful about this. You need to think, what not to eat when pregnant.

Optional Infomation: What Not To Eat While Pregnant.
I found this video on youtube, it helpful: Learn what not to eat while pregnant in this simple to follow guide from GP and new mom, Dr. Faye Kennedy.

These are some food that is needed to be avoided during the pregnancy period. You need to know what not to eat when pregnant. It will help you in being free from the possible dangers related to the food. So know the dangers and avoid them during the period of your pregnancy.