Why Use Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Diet


polycystic ovarian syndrome diet

PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) is a condition that can affect any woman. When this happens, a person will need special care to counter this condition. The special diet will have to supplement any cases of deficiency in the body caused by the condition. PCOS is caused when there are imbalances in the sex hormones of a woman. This might lead to cases of cysts in the ovaries, difficulties in getting pregnant, skin related problems such as acne and many more health complications. The cause of the condition is not yet known, but the doctors think that it can be genetic. In the event, a person has such a condition, what is the polycystic ovarian syndrome diet they could use?

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polycystic ovarian syndrome dietThis situation demands that a woman becomes active with exercises and eating healthy. Without a healthy eating habit, it is possible that you will gain unnecessary weight. In addition, healthy eating will help in minimizing the long-term effects of PCOS. Most people who follow the diet strictly, end up losing more weight, which means they have a greater chance of a healthy life even with the condition. You need food that is low in saturated fats and high in fiber. This will help in reducing the chances of getting diabetes and heart related problems.

When it comes to choosing fats in the diet, ensure that the foods do not have saturated fats. This means that you have to stay away from your favorite fast food truck. High intake of saturated fats will lead to weight gain and high blood pressure. This will put the patient in more risks than before. Always go for fats that are helpful to the body. You could use vegetable oils like olive oil, nuts, and avocado. They are known to promote better living than your average fast foods.

The PCOS ‘food rules’

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It is necessary for polycystic ovarian syndrome diet to have high fiber content. The fiber as we know has many benefits to the body like lowering the cholesterol levels and maintaining the blood sugar levels for the body to operate optimally. Fibers are great appetite suppressant in a natural way. They will make the body feel full for a longer time than normal. If you want to control your weight, then the fiber needed should be within the range of 21 to 25 grams. High fiber foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes, and cereals. These are the common food types that are easy to find anywhere in the world. There is no reason why you cannot eat well and lose weight.

Ensure that you eat more proteins in the polycystic ovarian syndrome diet. Proteins are essential to help build healthy and lean muscles. In addition, it helps with making better and strong bones and joints in the body. You need to ensure that every meal that you eat has some proteins in it. There are some foods that you just need to avoid when you have the PCOS condition such as baked goods, regular soda, and salty snacks. Eat healthily and exercise often to have a better health.