Benefits Of The Ionic Foot Detox Machine


The ionic foot detox machine has become quite popular among many people. They believe that this machine will help a person to cleanse the body on quite a many different levels. The machine works by using a simple process of osmosis. The process of osmosis in this case will help with movement of particles from a lower concentration to a place of high concentration through a membrane.

ionic foot detox machine

The negative ions from the machines will go through the body collecting the toxic substances thus neutralizing the positive charges. It is a fun process to learn about how exactly the machine works.

People keep on asking if there will be any side effects of using the machine. The machine is meant to help cleaning the body, so expect no side effects. The only thing that people experience after working on the machine is fatigue. This is because of the whole process of cleansing. However, this should not be something that gives your sleepless nights. It is a common thing among different people who undergo the same treatment. There are no restrictions on what you can do after the treatment. A person will start feeling the benefits after a few of days from the day of treatment.

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How Frequent To Use The Ionic Foot Detox Machine?

There are a number of times a person has to use the machine for it to be effective. In most cases, for people between the ages of 10-65 are told to use the machine once every other day for a number of 14 sessions. There must be a 3-week break before a person begins the next sequence of detox. For people who are over the age of 65, the maximum number of frequency is every three days with 2 weeks for break after the 14 sessions are over.

What To Expect From A Complete Session Of Detox?

Many patients have reported an increase in their energy and reduced levels of stress. The toxins are known to be the contributing factor for making a person feel fatigued and stressed at all times. The machine will help in improving the body metabolism that will increase the energy in the body. In addition, the treatment is known to help people with their memory issues and to make the brain stay sharp. There are those people who attribute their young looks to the machine for making it possible. Here are the other things that the treatment will do for the body. [clear]

  • Enhancing the immune system
  • Improving sexual health
  • Cleaning of parasites
  • Relieving of pain in the body

People Who Cannot Use Ionic Foot Detox Machine

The ionic foot detox machine is safe for almost everyone; however, there are those people who cannot use the machine simply because of their health conditions. People, who have metallic implants, are not supposed to use the machine. The same applies to people who have pregnancy as it might have an effect on the fetus. Here are the other conditions that are not perfect for using this machine.

  • Diabetes
  • People who have open wounds
  • People with implanted organs