How To Build Chest Muscles? Time To Get Those Pecs In Shape


People keep asking how to build chest muscles in your body from time to time. The chest is a very muscular region and one of the hardest to build up well because of the type of exercise that you have to do in order to achieve your goals.

how to build chest muscles

Before you start on any of the chest exercises, remember that you have to have proper determination and drive so that you can be able to see your workout routine through; this is because without it, your chest build up will stagnate as you start and constantly stop.

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 Most women out there end up doing the same routine for chest build up over and over again, but this usually only affects part of your chest muscle and not all the muscle fibres may be stimulated; this causes you to get stuck.

Some of the obvious choices that most women use to build their chest are the cable crossover, the dumbbell flye, the incline dumbbell presses, the bench presses and finally, push-ups. This is just grazing the surface; so to speak, because there is so much that you can do to know how to build chest muscles.

Chest Structure

Chest Structure

Your chest is made up of two muscle groups with a common name known as pectoralis; the two muscles that are involved are the pectoralis major that is fairly big and wide and the pectoralis minor, which is much smaller.

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The pectoralis major has an origin from the anterior surface of the clavicle, the lateral side of the sternum and the cartilaginous portions of the ribs; it goes to insert itself into the lateral lip of the intertubular groove, which is found at the top of the humerus bone.

The pectoralis minor, however, originates from the surface of the 3rd to 5th ribs and goes all the way upwards to insert into the coracoid process that is a bony protrusion from the scapula.

The pectoralis major helps in lifting your arm from the side that is referred to as addiction; it also helps in lifting your arm frontwards which is called flexion; and it also helps in rotating the shoulder joint internally. Any workouts that may involve these movements are sure to help in building up this muscle.

The pectoralis minor helps primarily in stabilizing your scapula and so strenuous activity on the scapula will cause it to build up.

Extra Exercise

Some of the alternative workout routines that you can try include;

  • The close grip weighted push up which is very helpful since your narrow hand position brings out the inner pecs and also the added weight across the back makes it more interesting.
  • The cable crossover 21s which is very effective on your chest muscles because of the added feature of it being able to adjust to a high height, mid-level height, or lower height. During this exercise, you should also keep both your arms and body stationery so that all the work goes on your shoulders, and this is a fine way to build up your chest.

How to build chest muscles is not an easy-to-know topic unless you are willing to try new methods .