Why Strength Training Is Called The Fountain Of Youth?


There is a new type of exercise program that is in gaining popularity, and it is referred to as strength training. While professional athletes have been using this type of training to increase endurance and improve their performance, it is now becoming a popular method of fighting the aging process. Strength training is when you use your body weight or another object as a force of resistance that causes you to contract your muscles when you move. Along with helping to improve muscle strength, researchers are now realizing that this might also be considered the elusive “Fountain of Youth“. Here are some of the reasons why strength training might be called the fountain of youth.

fountain of youth

Strength Training for a Younger Body

1. Increase bone density

As you grow older your bones begin to lose calcium, and researchers have found the after the age of thirty most adults can expert one percent of their bone density to disappear every year. Women are at a higher risk of developing bone density problems, especially after menopause when the rate can double. Strength training exercises will not only build muscle, but it can also help to slow down the rate of bone loss. Stronger bones also result in fewer bone joint pain, which is a common problem in the elderly.

2. Improve metabolism

Your metabolism will begin to slowly naturally as you age and this often results in feelings of fatigue, along with weight gain. Adults also tend to be more stationary as they age, which also results in a slowing of your metabolism. Strength training can not only help turn calories into muscle instead of fat, it can also improve your metabolic rate. With a higher metabolism you will have more energy, and experience less feelings of fatigue. Being able to maintain a healthy weight can also prevent additional health problems that are common as you grow older.

3. Reduce stress

One common health threat adult's face is high stress levels, which can result in a number of health problems. Along with causing high blood pressure and increasing your risk of developing heart disease, high stress levels can also age your appearance. Strength training can promote the release of endorphins from the brain, and this natural chemical will help improve mood and lower stress levels. The hormones can also ease the symptoms associated with depression, and anxiety.

4. Ease back pain and protect joints

When you strengthen the muscles in your back you can ease back pain, and prevent further problems from developing. Training with weights and resistance bands can ease tight, strained muscles to relieve constant back pain, along with preventing it from occurring again. Stronger muscles also to improve your posture, and prevent your spine from becoming curved which can be a problem in older adults. You can also improve the health of your joints with stronger muscles, and prevent painful arthritis from developing as you grow older.

5. Lower risk of diabetes

As you grow older your body cannot process all of the sugar included in a normal diet, which can result in diabetes. This dangerous health condition not only affects what you can eat, it can also change your quality of life. High blood pressure, increased risk of heart disease, and poor circulation are all common complaints associated with the disease. Regular strength training not only tones and builds muscles, it can also lower your risk of developing diabetes. Research has shown that regular workouts can increase your body's natural ability to burn glucose by over 20 percent.


While there is not a typical “fountain of youth” that will magically erase years from your appearance, strength training exercises might be close. With regular training and use of wearable fitness gadgets you can dramatically improve your quality of life, along with helping to look and feel younger. You can improve posture, relieve constant pain, and even have the energy you used to have as a teenager. Strength training is not hard to do, and it can be safe for almost all adults. You only need to use your own body weight as resistance, and soon you will notice an improvement in muscle tone. If you have a questions or concerns about your ability to complete any strength training exercises, a health care official should be consulted before any problems develop.

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