Causes and Relief Of Hip Pain While Sleeping


hip pain while sleeping

Several types of pain are observed within individuals. Hip pain is one of them, which can cause by several reasons. Hip pain is observed by people in several times of the day, including the time of sleeping. If you face hip pain while sleeping, you need to know the solutions of the pain besides knowing the causes of the pain.

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Causes Of Hip Pain While Sleeping

Sleeping positions, beds and mattresses can cause hip pain while sleeping. Some diseases can also cause the hip pain like the diseases below:

  • Spinal Stenosis: Those who are suffering pain from the Spinal Stenosis, need to sleep on the sides using the curled up knees. It helps in getting relief from the pressure of the root of the nerve. Sleeping chairs, known as the reclining chairs can also help in relaxing the nerve by elevating the knees and head.
  • The Disease Of Degenerative Disc: People face pain from the disease of the degenerative disc. They try to sleep on the stomach for getting relief of the pain. Some people may feel comfortable using the firm mattress. They place a flat pillow under their hips and stomach for getting relief from the discomfort. It also reduces the stress on the lower back.
  • Osteoarthritis: Sleeping on a side can be caused by the osteoarthritis. It can be solved by using reclining chair at the time of sleeping.

Solutions (Hip Pain Relief)

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Hip pain due to sleep can be solved by maintaining the daily routine. Daily lifestyle can cause different pains. So we need to have a healthy routine. We need to do exercise regularly. It will ensure the movement of the joints which will help in decreasing the pain of the hip.

It is essential to ensure the comfort at the time of sleeping. Softer mattresses are preferable at the time of sleeping. If your mattress isn’t comfortable, then you need to search for more comfortable option.

Another important fact is the position of the sleeping. If you feel pain while sleeping, you need to change the position of the sleeping. It will help in having comfort at the time of sleeping. It can be caused by some other facts.

So you need to contact a doctor if you face acute problems of the hip pain. He will help you in having solutions of the hip pain. Medications also work for the hip pain. It helps in decreasing the pain for a period. Therapists can also help by giving massage to the patient. Skilled therapists have an idea about the effective therapies for pain.

Optional: I found this video on – 5 Steps to Hip Pain Relief by Dr. Saran

Hip pain can seldom be caused by diseases and conditions in other areas of the body, such as your knees and your lower back. This type of pain is called “referred pain” Most hip pain can be controlled with self-care at home.

People face hip pain while sleeping. There can be different reasons behind this. We should know the proper reason for getting the proper solution. You can try different solutions. If it doesn’t suit you, then you need to consult a doctor. It will help you in getting relief from the pain day by day. So know about the hip pain, know the reasons and the solutions.