Review on Eternity By Calvin Klein 3.4 oz For Women (Eau De Parfum)


Eternity By Calvin Klein 3.4 oz was introduced in the year 1989. It has a combination of flowers and exotic fruits with patchouli and amber creating the womanly romantic scent. This spray is recommended for use during daytime. When using the smell may change, that is when applying you need to consider some factors which will probably affect the smell of your skin and the way the scent smells to you. Some factors that may alter the scent include; level of stress, age, diet, mood, body chemistry and current medication.

eternity by calvin klein 3.4 oz

 Eternity by Calvin Klein

The time a fragrance takes after spray may be affected by the health of the skin, such as dryness or oily skin can highly interfere with the time the smell takes to disappear. Calvin Klein’s eternity perfumes are romantic with floral scent that breathes with a spring garden aroma.

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The eternity smell makes it to be natural like making you feel safe and comfortable wherever you spray it. At the begging you may not like it, that is the nature of mankind you need to get used to something for you to appreciate it. So continuous use of eternity spray can make your body get used to it. Sometimes perfumes get a very irritating smell that you will never imagine of but with Eternity By Calvin Klein 3.4 oz for women am sure that it will make your day smell fantastic. The product has gone through evolution and new elements are being added to make it more scented with a long time effect. The additional may have some impact on those who have been using the product as some say it became terrible while others remain liking it.

Exactly one man’s meat is another man’s poison, and you can realize it only views that comes from those who have tried it and those who are still using Eternity by Calvin Klein for women. A good number of women are still using the product and they are real liking it with its natural scent, it makes you feel like it is just the smell of your body not that one that which when you pass people start covering their noses. The body’s natural smell have a very fatal effect on the scent, the reason being when the body scent and that of the perfume mix then you get a third scent that may not be favorable at all.

eternity by calvin klein 3.4 ozEternity By Calvin Klein 3.4 oz for Women (Eau De Parfum) is made up of the blend of white floral, white lily, marigold, and mandarin. This perfume spray with any other spray should be kept at a cool and dry place for it to retain its incredible scent and prolonged effects. The spray is for external use; don’t try to taste how sweet it is for you may be following your ancestors as it is poisonous if consumed. It should be kept away from naked flames and direct source of heat. You should not apply it to injured and sensitive skin and also avoid eye contact. If you realize that it causes irritation there is no need to suffer much just stop using the product.

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