How to get rid of Anxiety


Once you begin to feel anxious, you might not be sure as to how to start feeling better. Some persons inadvertently do things that help to fuel their state of anxiety. You might worry about the future and think of many what ifs or what was. So how to get rid of anxiety?

how to get rid of anxiety

You may ask the question what if start to feel worse or what if my presentation does not go according to plan? are they seeing me perspiring? What if I fail my exams, or better yet what if I do not get hired for the job?

You may end up judging yourself when you become anxious, you might even go as far as believing that your negative thoughts are actually truthful perceptions.

If you have experienced this, there are several techniques and tools that you can use so as to manage your anxiety effectively. The pointers below are standard methods used by experts that provide fast and effective relief of anxiety:

Deep breaths

One of the first things to do when you being to feel anxious is to take deep breaths. Deep diaphragmatic breathing provides powerful relief of anxiety. It helps move the body from it is flight or fight response to a relaxed response. The preferred method is to slowly inhale and count to 4, filing you your belly first and then your chest, hold your breath gently and count to 4 then to slowly exhale and count to 4 this procedure must be repeated several time.


Always keep in mind that anxiety is just a feeling like all others, by only remembering that anxiety is just an emotional reaction you will begin to accept it. Acceptance is critical because when you try to fight it or remove it you will often only make it worst. This perpetuates the idea that your anxiety should not be tolerated. Through acceptance it does not mean that you have decided not to do something about it, it means that you will make peace by accepting that which is true, the feeling of anxiousness is not the best feeling, but it is not intolerable and this is the bottom line.

Acknowledge the fact that your brain will pay tricks on you.

You brain at times will misinterpret signals, for example, a person suffering from a panic attack may believe that he or she is dying from a heart attack. It also helps significantly to remove the guilt and shame along with the pressures of society it helps to focus more on nurturing oneself instead of judging.

Question your thoughts

When people are overly anxious their brain tends to come up with all types of ideas that have no basis in reality, many of them are unlikely to happen and unrealistic, these thoughts will only heighten the person anxious state.

Keep reminding yourself that this is not as catastrophic as it seems tell yourself that you may be anxious, and that whatever the situation is the worst that can happen is that people will have an opinion about you whether negative of positive and by tomorrow it will all be completely forgotten.

Meditation techniques will also help significantly during your anxious moments. See yourself walking on the river bank or outside of your favorite park or beach. See yourselves watching the leaves pass by the river or watch the clouds pass by in the sky. Assign an emotion thoughts and sensation to the clouds and leaves as you watch them pass by.

This is entirely different from want most people do; most people assign emotions physical sensations, thoughts, and particular qualities and judgments whether right or wrong, good or bad this often increases anxiety.

Use positive self-talk.

Most times anxiety is caused by negative self-chatter; always tell you positive coping statements.

Focus on the now moment.

People become anxious because they are worrying about something that will happen in the future. Instead of worrying about such an event stop pause and breathe, focus on what is taking place right now, even if there is a dangerous situation in progress focus on the present moment and this will allow you to manage the situation.

Do meaningful things

When you are anxious, it greatly aids when you can direct your attention to a significant goal-directed activities, you can ask yourself the question what it is that you would be accomplishing if you were not anxious.

One of the worst things that you can do once your anxious is to sit around and do nothing except obsess about the way you are feeling. By doing what needs to be done, you will learn key lessons. Getting outside of your head feels much better this allows you to live your even though you might be feeling anxious.

The bottom line on how to get rid of anxiety is to get on with life. Never sit on thing about your anxiety.

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