Useful tips on how to deal with anxiety


A little anxiety is a reaction that everybody will experience occasioning. It is the feeling one gets when they have to do a speech before an audience, or have to take an exam. Anxiety can happen to anyone. The problem with anxiety comes into play when this feeling of stress sticks around for extended durations and you are just not recovering from them. Visiting your doctor for an examination will be beneficial during these periods. This article will provide you with practical advice on how to deal with anxiety in the long or short term.

how to deal with anxiety

Remove foods and drinks that are link to anxiety disorders

As simple as the sounds food has a big impact on the levels of anxiety that you may feel. By adjusting what you eat and drink, you can reduce your anxiety intensities. Below are some common foods that provoke anxiety:          

For millions of people, coffee provides a quick burst of energy. Unfortunately, it can also cause anxiety. If you consume coffee every a.m., you can try to eliminate or switch to drinking just water or decaffeinated tea. Try this out for a several weeks to see the results. At the onset, you may find it difficult to give up, but you may notice reduced stress for the duration that you do not consume coffee.

Starch and sugar, many persons, generally believe that eating sugars and starches are a way to reduce stress, because most comfort foods such as cookies and ice cream provide a short duration of support. The truth is that these foods cause significant fluctuations in your blood sugar and can cause your emotions to yo-yo. Replace such foods with vegetables and fruits to prevent this from happening.

Having some alcohol after a demanding day, is a common practice by millions of people. Alcohol provides a fast escape from the problems of the world. When not consumed properly or abused the after effects will cancel out the benefits of relaxation that it provides. For this reason, alcohol should be used sparing and if you drink, ensure that you consume enough liquids to prevent stressful hangovers.

Eat foods that enhance your mood

Eating a well-adjusted diet will go a far way in improving your mood. Once your body is being fed the correct nutrients, you will have a better resistance to anxiety during worrying situations. eat foods that are rich in antioxidants e.g berries, these also will help bolster your moods and reduce the hormones that cause stress.

Mineral rich foods such as pumpkin, dark chocolate, bran, fish, seeds and almonds work wonders is reducing stress. Where there is a magnesium deficiency in your diet, you may experience increased levels of anxiety.

Exercise for stress relief

Studies now show that with regular exercise one can drastically reduce the symptoms associated with daily anxiety. Many doctors also recommend exercise to treat anxiety disorders. Exercise will improve one's feelings of wellbeing while it is being done and in the hours after.

Incorporate exercises for deep breathing

Slow and deep breaths provide immideate results on your levels of stress, Most people practise light chest breathing, and during stressful events we often breathe more rapidly, which increases pressure. When you are stressed direct your breathing from your diaphragm to you belly. Allow your stomach to balloon up. This allows you lungs to pull in more air and aid with reducing your blood pressure, and keeping your muscles calm.

Finally do something you enjoy to do.

Many times anxiety will build up if you do not allow yourself time to detox from the challenges that life presents. Take some time daily to practice a hobby that brings an individual level of relaxation. This can be just about anything, music, sport, art. This provides you with an outlet and will allow you to remove uneasiness from your awareness at that particular moment and in the long term.

You can take a class in a field that you find quite interesting. If you love pottery, go to a local pottery class, if you want to discover something new, start lessons at a local class or community college.  Finally how to deal with anxiety is by doing the things that you love. Make a commitment today to avoid the things that cause stress. Remove stressful thoughts and allow yourself to enjoy activities.

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