Natural Looking Breast Implants – No Need To Spend More Of The Money


Natural Looking Breast Implants – Is It Even Possible? Every woman wants bigger breast and reason for all are different some wants to looks more feminine and sexual. And some other wants to properly fill out their clothes and other some thinks that they don’t look young in small breast, etc. A woman wants to make their breast bigger than other for their beauty and impression to others because man also attract with girls of bigger boobs. Then they think how to make natural looking breast implants.

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The Ways By Which You Can Increase Your Breast Are As Follows:

natural looking breast implants

Before describing various methods, you should know why your breast is not growing. In body, Estrogen is the main hormone that helps in increasing your breast and also in menstrual cycle (1 week). In the age of 12 to 16 breast is growing but after the age of 16 growing be stop. But you can also increase your breast after the age of 16 with the help of many plants and herbs and also by following some method.

The Methods Are As Follows:

Do Exercise

do exercise

You should do exercise as more as possible for increasing your breast. For this, you can join a gym. In the gym, there are many types exercise like lift dumbbells that are the main exercise for that work.

  • Dumbbells Exercise: Firstly you lift the heavy dumbbells (7-10 pounds). Hold dumb -bells in your hand tightly and that time your palm facing downward and straight your hand and dumbbells in the air, then move dumbbells up and down.
  • Wall-press Exercise: In this your upper arm and pectoral muscles are working. Firstly stand in front of the wall at 2m distance and touch the wall with hands.Then it does whenever your elbows are bent.
  • Strength Training Exercise: In this first touch the ground from hand near shoulder width. And then slowly your touch your body to the ground.

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Maintain Your Diet

Maintain Your Diet

Food is the most important factor in making health or increasing breast because food contains estrogen that helps in making you more sexual and feminine. Eat spicy food, dairy products like cheese ,butter ,fruits, green vegetables and grain etc., eat food in which phytoestrogen is present like nuts (almonds and cashew nut), beverages (wine and green tea), beans and increase your calories . By eating that food, your breast looks like natural looking breast implants and never take estrogen pills to increase your breast because sometimes it may lead to breast cancer and you will be in danger.

Bra Types

Bra Type

Image @ 15 Bra Hacks, Tips, and Tricks That Will Change Your Life –

Wearing bra of perfect size not looser and not tighter. The bra is for small breast and also for bigger breast.

  • Always wear quality padded bra that seen you in a new impression.
  • If you are wearing double bra, then make sure other will not be visible.
  • Tops and suits are also of fitting otherwise your perfect bra has no meant.
  • Wear top with fit lace in the breast area.

Stay in Patience

If you are a girl, not a woman then stay in patience because all work done at time. Puberty and estrogen help in increasing breast and also the food helps in increasing breast.

Boost Technique

boost your bust

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It is made by Jenny Bolton (Boost Your Bust). It is a 57 page eBook that gives you many steps to increase your breast. It works in 4 weeks, but it is some large rate.

By using all this technique, you can increase your breast in few times. And there is no need to spend more of the money. You will feel the difference in your body and seen a natural looking breast implants which make your impression and you look more young and sexual.