Easy, Fun And Healthy Recipes For Kids


healthy recipes for kids

Kids are a feeling of joy to every family. They give out such a positive vibe that nothing can replace. But when eating time comes, it’s like World War 4 is suddenly happening in your household. Whatever you do, you can’t seem to find the right healthy recipes for kids that will make them behave and eat their share. So what do they end up eating? They end up eating the unhealthiest food they find which are not only harmful to their health, but also for their teeth.

Some Healthy Recipes For Kids

Here are some healthy recipes for kids that you can try to make them eat their shares:

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Blueberry And Banana Pancakes

Put a twist on your ordinary pancakes with this new fun recipe; just add blueberries and bananas on top of their servings. Watch your kids enjoy eating your new creation without even knowing how healthy it is.

Blueberry And Banana Pancakes photo
Flickr photo by Shockingly Tasty

Peanut Butter Dip With A Crunch

Are you guilty of waking up in the middle of the night and scooping up a generous amount of peanut butter from the refrigerator when no one is looking? There are no questions about it, everybody loves peanut butter! Maybe even your kids, so why not make your kids’ peanut butter dip a little healthier by mixing in some ground almond and other nuts. They’ll surely enjoy the extra crunch while being able to eat healthier.

Peanut Butter Crunch photo
Flickr photo by eye-shuh

Popcorn Seasoned With A Twist

Are you having a movie night? Before you head to the microwave and put on the ready to pop popcorn in and dive in to munch it, why don’t you put a little twist on your movie food? It is just a matter of sprinkling some healthy spice; your kids will not even notice that you are making them eat healthily. They’ll just enjoy the movie and enjoy the popcorn with a new spice that you served them.

Popcorn Seasoned With A Twist

Sunny Cantaloupe And Strawberry Salad

If you have a hard time making your kids eat any salad, try this new sweet and tasty salad that will make them enjoy eating healthy. Just cut some cubes of cantaloupe, strawberries, raspberries and toss with vinaigrette. Watch your kids’ eye light up with a colorful salad and watch their smiles widen when they get a taste of it.

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Strawberry Salad photo
Flickr photo by Stacy Spensley

Spiced Chicken Strips

One of the best healthy recipe for kids is the spiced chicken pieces. Don’t get scared of the word spiced with this recipe. Your kids will love this. Let them bring this new and healthier chicken strips in school and be worry-free as they embark on a new venture in school. Rest assured that they would eat healthily. Just use an egg substitute and prepare your chicken strips like you normally do, but sprinkle some spices like oregano or basil before frying.

Chicken Strips photo
Flickr photo by anneheathen

Optional: Breakfast At Creation. For A Baby To Enjoy Eating
You can find easy fantasy recipes for kids Credit @ Instagram anne2matthew


Looking for healthy recipes for kids that they will actually love is not an easy thing, but just keep on having varieties on the kind of food they have to make them enjoy their eating time. They will also enjoy being surprised on what you have served them this time.