Should You Suffer Heartburn, Home Remedies for Heartburn is Just around Your Corner


Often than not, many complaints of heartburn as just the mere chest pain; others would also welcome that as serious heart ailment. Before getting paranoid of heart ailment, try using home remedies for heartburn. These remedies are affordable besides the fact that they are already stored in your fridge, drawers or even served in your tables.

home remedies for heartburn

Let us understand fully the context of heartburn before we keep complaining or asking for remedies.

Categorically speaking, heartburn is a condition or described as the burning pain in your chest that resembles that of heart ailment symptoms. This pain will get worse when we lie down or even when we bend over. This discomfort sometimes is challenged by the unstable occurrence of pain which presumed by some as heart ailment, henceforth they would submit to Cardiologist for further examinations.

This condition is disturbing in any sense because you will be affected sometimes and become psychologically caught unaware that you were able to seriously entertain the discomfort and has become very painful on your part.

Let us also understand the causes of heartburn and evaluate how these home remedies for heartburn will work. Heartburn nowadays are treated as home –friendly illness because there are a good number of remedies found in homes. Heartburn people need not go to the counter all the time to buy for some pain reliever. More so that symptoms of heartburn persist despite taking over the counter medications.

Note that heartburn is caused by the reflux of acid collected in the stomach which occasionally goes up to the oesophagus and would come in a painful state. It occurs in almost more than twice a week and may increase depending on the type of food we eat. This suggests that we must understand that there are types of foods that trigger the occurrence of heartburn. If food matters in the cases of heartburn, then we also would consider the home remedies for the present condition of your heartburn. Note that, over-the counter medications do not subsides the symptoms of heartburn.

If this is so then, high time for us to resort to home remedies for heartburn. There is resemblance of reflux to heartburn, henceforth its home remedies would be likely the similar.

People suffering from heartburn should stop drinking sodas and colas. While they cannot help but drink beverages other than water, they must use instead the ginger juice or the Aloe Vera juice. These juices are cost-efficient. They can be grown in your homes or in backyard. All you need to do is prepare these home-grown plants as juice. To add taste to these beverages, a little drop of organic honey adds taste.

Now, what about you’re eating habits. Meal plan of people suffering from heartburn is truly different and healthy.

The main course would be oatmeal. Oats are good for heartburn because oats are rich in fiber and other vitamins and minerals.  We must note that one-half cup of cooked oat which makes your one meal calorie intake as it contains more or less 166 calories. Now, aside from the high-fiber content of oats, they are good source of iron and thiamine. This becomes the oatmeal ideal for all those suffering heartburn.

Another home remedies for heartburn are the fresh fruits and vegetables. Let us not forget that not all fruits are good for those sufferers of heartburn only the alkaline fruits. Most of the alkaline fruits include all types of melon and even bananas. Healthy choice of fruits is efficient means to resolve the pain occurring for twice in a week.  Vegetables and fresh fruits (alkaline) minus the dressing as well as tomatoes are ideal dessert if not diet meal for those with heartburn.

Not only has that, sufferers of heartburn had special viand in their menu. They can only eat chicken and turkey as well with the fish and meat. It is a big no for heartburn all the fatty foods like meat.

If these meal plan applies to the sufferers of heartburn, the same meal plan for the Type A blood type people. Type A is a veggie plan consequently excluding the blood Type A people in accounting those that suffer heartburn.

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