Watch out Men, You too have Noted Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance


Both men and women have no escape of hormonal imbalance as both have estrogen. But, do men and women have the same symptoms of hormonal imbalance?

Science will tell that men have estrogen as women; only that they differ in amount. Estrogen level in men is lower compared to women. Estrogen is the sex hormone of women, without this, we cannot imagine the life of both couple. Once this hormone dominates in the uterus of women, some discomfort of women may be fell.

same symptoms of hormonal imbalance

Men will be known to have imbalance in their hormone when there is growth of the breast tissue. This is the manifestation of the intervention of the low level of estrogen in their bodies. Like women, these men have the tendencies to sick of breast cancer. The growth of the breast tissue may not grow big as the normal girl’s have.

Women on the other hand have two hormones playing different in their system. The progesterone is responsible for the childbearing years of the women. This hormone is responsible in preparing the lining of the uterus in preparation for the inception of the fertilized. Should there be no fertilization occurs; the uterus will then bleed and then back to its next cycle. In the course of imbalance hormone caused by the lowering of progesterone, women will experience discomfort.

Good if only discomfort is experienced. What about the thickening of the endometrium?  The uncontrollable thickening of the endometrium is another symptom which is manifested by constant and heavy flow. Bleeding for men may last in days or even in weeks depending on the thickness of the uterus. Most of the OBgyne will advise women to undergo dilation and curettage for them to get sample of blood from the lining of the uterus. This is the only means adopted by doctors in determining the seriousness of bleeding as well as to determine whether there is presence of carcinoma cells.

If results of biopsy reveal that there is presence of carcinoma, doctors may then recommend for the removal of the uterus and ovaries. But, some experts do not recommend major operation because the illness has been attributed to imbalance. Instead, they would advise women and even men to eat food that will lessen the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Another hormone present in women’s body is the estrogene. This hormone is responsible for the sex organ of women to include their puberty. The lack of estrogen in one’s body brings a lot of symptoms among women, from most complexes to the simplest issues. This hormone can dominate the stage a lot of dangerous circumstance may meet ahead.  Besides, insufficient supply of this hormone will affect the condition of the ovaries and even uterus.

Other symptoms of hormonal imbalance include mood swing, tenderness of the breast, occurrence of ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer and a lot more of cancer diseases.

The ovarian cancer when not detected in the early days will becomes serious and death threatening. To prevent this kind of disease as they only comes in heavy menstrual flow; some would advise people to change their lifestyle. It is only through good and ideal lifestyle that all sorts of diseases like cancer be prevented.

No one wants to die, right? Not even a person in a very serious state. How much for those who only suffer the symptoms of a major disease. There are a number of ways to eliminate   symptoms and prevent diseases to attack especially if it is cancer related diseases. The natural way of controlling hormonal imbalance is to start your day with carrots. Make sure that the first fluid that gets into your body is the carrot juice.

To control also mood swing of women is to eat a lot of banana. Banana is high in serotonin which makes people feel happy instead.

Also, we should see to it that we are eating the right food, eliminating food that could trigger the development of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. The food that we eat is the main players of this imbalance. Proper diet and exercise and keep all our hormones in normal levels. Only those obese and hypertensive women are experiencing imbalance of the hormones.

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