Reasons Why I Can’t Sleep – Big Problem for Women


why I can't sleep

Many people experience what they don’t like most like lacking sleep. You try your best covering even your head, but nothing good comes out. The only thing you discover is turning and rolling all sides of the bed all the night. There are some things that we take which interfere with our sleeping patterns without any know-how. Some substances we think are helping us gain more sleep turn to be the enemy of sleep. Not all health foods are sleep boosters and not all unhealthy foods that hinder our sleep. In your life, you may find out that some of the things that you do are the evils of sleep and the moment you come to realize they would have gone far has to be a habit. The reasons why I can't sleep or spend sleepless nights can be as bellow:

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Marriage or relationships

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You may be in a marriage full of disagreements until you reach a point where you don’t want to see her even or his face let us not talk of sound. With the high rate of divorce, there are many families spending the sleepless night due to marriage problems. But not all families, some are full of love with maximum sleep. Break ups can also be a catalyst to sleepless nights.


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Change is good, but it comes in different ways, it may be negative or positive. Big changes in life, for example, getting a big and well-paying job can bring excitement and anxiety which can lead to lack of sleep due to too many thoughts. Some changes like losing a job, your spouse leaving you with another person can also result in sleepless nights.

Family Problems

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This is a common evil why I can't sleep. Family problems are always there, but there are some that cannot be tolerated at all and if you try you just find yourself thinking about them. In the case where you are the only breadwinner of the family and your sister gets pregnant can add you a lot of stress since it’s another burden that has been added to you, this can immensely deny you sleep.

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Money photo

Money has been made to be everything, but you realize that money is not everything in your life. Money can enable us buy many things that we need. But we humans have found ourselves troubled of money. Too much money can cause sleepless night especially when you are living in areas that are not safe at all, sometimes you may invest your money and get lost. A poor man can also be stressed on how to earn a living. So money is nothing but fear, man made money but the same money has made man mad.

Whether In Your Room

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Your room can be too hot, smelly or too, this will make you have difficulties in getting enough sleep. Sometimes you may be sleeping many people on the same bed squeezing to each other, am sure none will be comfortable you may find yourself awake till morning.


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Some drugs can deny you sleep. Alcohol being among the drugs can make you stay awake throughout the night. Why I can't sleep due to drug abuse such as marijuana?


You have solutions in your hands on how to make your night safe and sleep with a relaxed mind. You must learn to get go of your head your thoughts at night. Nights are tempting a lot, but you too should do something so as to solve this sickness. Hope you like “why I can't sleep article”, If you like please share to your friends.