Truth About Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy


As people age their hormone levels decrease. The moment hormone levels in our bodies decrease or increase; we experience many changes and discomfort.

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

These are effects of hormone imbalance. If this would not be prevented, many symptoms shoot up for both men and women. Symptoms may be mild or severe depending on what kind of activity that we are engaged in.

For people who lack exercise and seem weak and sick, symptoms might be serious. No one wants to live by any discomfort of hormone imbalance. Science continues to find out relief for those who suffer. One of these many outbreaks of scientific studies knowing the natural hormone replacement therapy.

What is this all about? Also, how does this work for those who need it? Well, this is very natural. The abundance of nature is taken the advantage. This is actual, the process of eating and drinking the abundance of nature’s resources like fruits and vegetables. Note, not all the vegetables, and fruits in your fridge can work well in your therapy. This therapy is most advised to women who find discomfort of prescribed hormonal pills.

So, what natural hormone replacement therapy is most endorsed by alternative medicine? These must be all natural, no preservatives and no side effects.

One of the most recommended fruit are the pomegranates. Perhaps because it brings almost perfect resemblance to the female ovary. This fruit is commonly known now as Chinese apple. This has been known to have fully developed ovary of a seed plant. So, amazing to learn that the fruits of pomegranate provide almost the same estrogen of the female ovary while its seeds also resemble the ovary’s eggs. By its resemblance alone, you will be convinced of the effectiveness of pomegranates to replace the lost hormones of both men and women.

The pomegranate must be juiced and be drunk fresh early in the morning. There was an experiment conducted in the rat that was operated with his ovary, and the amazing result was bone loss reversed in a matter of two weeks. The same juice was given to women suffering depression due to menopausal, and the result was excellent.

What else nature has offered to us to ease the discomfort of women during the menopausal stage?

Try the effectiveness of black cohosh root. This can relieve you of the hot flashes trouble though it has a fewer potential of estrogen. Alternative practitioners have been promoting the progesterone form extracted from the wild yam which was proven relief of vaginal dryness and other symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Are familiar with what Dong Quia is? Chinese herbalist has been advertising this as the best remedy for menopausal symptoms. The real thing about this fruit is they are already packaged alternative experts. They now come and can be naught in powder, pill or tincture. Should these not work well with you, you may try the herbal cocktails. This cocktail is prepared from a combination of ginseng, fenugreek, licorice, sarsaparilla, flaxseed, red clover, or chaste tree berry.

Are these long lists of alternative hormone sources safe to all of us?

Well, the safety net to these natural remedies is your decision. Though these lists have been tested by alternative medicine experts over the years, they need your patience for these to work with you. In most cases, most natural hormone replacement therapy are known as the food supplement rather than drugs because they are not regulated by the responsible bodies of the government compared to over- the counter medicines.

If those plants and herbs do not work for you, then try these: by eating the low-fat diet, drinking calcium –rich milk and exercise regularly. See for yourself the changes of the discomfort you have. However, when you do this alone, you are not sure of your commitment to seriously follow these challenging regimen. You need to go a nutrition club and be inspired by their coaching and supplements.

To summarize, the natural hormone replacement therapy is the basic of self-discipline but the courage to love ourselves. We care for our vital organs, no liver being hurt, no kidneys being sacrificed compared to taking synthetic medicine. Over the years of taking natural remedies, our vital organs are in place and unaffected.

Try them and see for yourself the results.