How To Balance Hormone In A Very Natural Way?


How to balance hormone in our bodies is the most common question raised by women who have experienced this kind of situation. Well, there are two ways to do that; the natural way and the scientific way. The choice is yours. A lot of women opted to go the natural way. This is much preferred by women who love their lives by saving their kidneys and liver.

how to balance hormone

Speaking of natural way how to balance hormone is to make use of the abundance of nature. Let me just share with you few of the many lists.

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Drinking Carrot Juice

You can balance your hormone by starting your day with a carrot juice if not eat the raw carrots. Upon waking up in the morning and even before drinking water, you may drink a glass of fresh carrot juice. These are rich in fiber that facilitates the process of detoxification process within our bodies.

There are even reports about carrots that work well in the cure of their ovarian cysts and even mayoma. These carrots have the capability to balance the levels of progesterone and estrogen in our bodies.

Eating Egg Yolk

Eating egg yolk a day as this contains the nutrients that your body needs. It has vitamin which is responsible to balance the hormones. The vitamin in A that the body needs cannot be obtained from any vegetables in your fridge. It also contain vitamin which can work well in the system. Never underestimate its selenium content that plays the great role in increasing thyroid hormones.


Most importantly, never forget the nature around you. Walking in nature is an invigorating activity in the morning. Walking for even the least 30 minutes a day brings many benefits. It wards off fats, bad cholesterol other than balancing hormones. A thirty-minute walk every morning revitalizes the lymphatic system that is also responsible for flushing toxins.

Never Over-worked

Also, never over-worked your adrenal glands. When this gland is stressed the system in your body will be affected. The interknitted adrenal gland and thyroid gland can cause imbalance too.

Aware Weight loss Pills

Nevertheless, capitalize on keeping your body in good shape. Basically, when they go to nutrition club for weight loss program, everything would start from taking some weight loss supplemental pills for their dietary intake to fast track their effort in weight loss. With the experts with them, dieters are provided with proper the nutrition tips. The effects of cheating the diet plan because you listen to desire, eat for more rather than to become physically fit. Through the experts, everyone is aware of the disadvantage and benefits of damaging the plan for fitness.

Though losing weight is tough challenge to take especially if you physique upon checking is much higher than the standard, your fats are heavier if not equally heavy to your own body weight. Yet, the desires to become one of many persons having bodies that are in shape motivate us to keep moving in our vision to have a healthy body with everything in shape and in place.


How to balance hormone by medication? Simply go to the OBGyne and they will provide you the long list of synthetic medicine. They will prescribe you hormonal pills. Good if your system favors those artificial means of increasing the progesterone level of your body.

If you are in a state of imbalance and have been experiencing bleeding, some OBGyne will recommend removal of uterus and ovary to ward off your complaint about imbalance. I know of women who have been operated but ended up like a sickly person all day in their lives. Good for those women who are physically active because they can manage discomfort of the operation.

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Some experts will delay operation because they know that the operation is the last option in such cases not unless otherwise cancer cells spread have been detected. Perhaps, they know that there a good number of side effects experienced by women after the operation.

Truly the issue of how to balance hormone is sometimes a nightmare for women with many complications experienced while they are in a state of imbalance. Others have been affected by mood swing, breast tenderness and even masses formation in their breast and their ovaries if not in the uterus.