Know Hormone Imbalance In Women Over 40


How do we know if our bay is in the in a state of imbalance in regards with our hormone? According to studies, hormone imbalance in women is attributed by one’s lifestyle. Those women who lack control of their calorie intake, lack of sleep and full stress are prone to these imbalances.

hormone imbalance in women

Anything that is not an ideal among women like their physical activity is stressful, they are obese, they eat a lot and they lack exercise. Hypertensive women are also in the list.

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This situation can be illustrated by my personal encounter because I have been diagnosed for this case when I was yet obese. I ate a lot, especially meat. I had more calorie intake; I don’t exercise, and I do not have enough sleep.

Well, it takes time to prove the hormone imbalance in women, says a woman diagnosed of hormone imbalance. Only after the biopsy that this imbalance is proven to have been suffered though you bleed a lot.

Her condition started by the irregular menstrual cycle. The irregularity varies from mere delayed cycle to regular cycle in heavy long periods. Usually she experienced heavy days in her 5th day onwards. How will you imagine using adult diaper or baby diapers for this in several months?

She was so upset when her cycle lasted for almost two months in the continuous heavy flow. She was only given some over-the counter medicine to regulate blood flow but never to stop because she has to submit herself for some operation. She underwent Dilation and Curettage or DLC. It was only then that she was declared to have hormone imbalance as revealed in her biopsy result.

What about those women who do not submit for Dilation and Curettage but continues to bleed? Most of the women suffering from heavy vaginal bleeding for several days and even months were advised to undergo major operation like removal of uterus and ovaries. What if they do not submit for major operation, what will happen to them?

Worse than not, most women suffering from heavy bleeding are cancer patients? I must accept myself to this, perhaps because I never feed my cancer cells during the time when I had my hormone imbalance. We all have cancer cells; it is our way of feeding them that matters. If you are a woman who does care for yourself, then you must be one of those who are diagnosed of cancer.

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Do women have a way to escape hormone imbalance in women?

You all have the chances of preventing that. The natural way of escaping this is to change the lifestyle. Women start a new and ideal lifestyle. They must eat the right food; if possible, they must follow a meal plan proposed by health advisor. They must refrain from eating fatty foods, especially that women suffering imbalance have the tendencies of becoming a cancer victim. Though, we have all cancer cells, they matter much in our way of feeding them. Meats are feed to cancer cells, now, will you eat meat when you are in a state of hormone imbalance? Besides, women should regularly exercise and should have sound sleep.

Medication is another option for women to take. Their OB/Gyn will prescribe some hormonal pills if not they are given some anti-depressants to minimize signs of hormone imbalance. This is convenient for many women other than taking pills because not all women are comfortable in taking pills. There are hormonal pills that may fill them dizzy or they may vomit. Taking synthetic drugs to treat if not control imbalance is not answer. You can use natural medication other than lifestyle check.

To follow a natural regimen of juicing is the last option women can opt to. Sounds amazing to know that juicing can help relieve women hormone related problems of women. This idea sounds familiar to all those health conscious individuals for they never take a synthetic medication in whatever illnesses they are suffering. To juice carrots combined by pineapple is effective cure of imbalances. Try this in your homes and make this a habit.

Go juicing; many people are cured of juicing. A lot of lives have been changed because of fruit and vegetable juicing and you will surely be safe from hormone imbalance in women.

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