Be Mindful of the Heart Attack Symptoms in Women


Women are known to be tough and have much denial about illnesses. We seldom hear women complaining of heart attack; it is because heart attack symptoms in women come differently with men? I suppose you have heard you are attending Physician warning you to be mindful of your ailment like hypertension that may eventually lead you to the heart attack.

heart attack symptoms in women

Isn’t it alarming for women when they complain about chest pain if they are not hypertensive? Let us, therefore, examine the symptoms of heart attack in women and how they appear in different situations. According to experts, women do not have the same heart attack symptom with men like the most common chest pain that goes down to the arm.

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Are Heart Attack Symptoms In Women Silent Compared To Men?

heart attack symptoms men vs women

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Women do experience chest pain, but this comes differently compared to men. The pain in women’s chest is just like squeezing and do not stay on one specific side of our chest. They are felt all around the chest as disclosed by many cardiologists.

Other than chest pain, women may suffer pain in their jaw or neck and on arms and back. This kind of pain confuses women because its intensity varies, sometimes gradual and sometimes sudden. That is why most of the cardiologists would advise women to report any discomfort felt to any part of the day that is above your waist.

Would you believe and see for yourself that stomach pain is a potent symptom of women’s heart attack. Believe me, says a Cardiologist, this kind of symptom is sometimes considered by women as simple discomfort for something might have eaten for the day because the pain is not intense. Should this symptom not known to women, they would only suspect for constipation or any other case of illness about defecation but never they related this to the heart attack.

However, when women would feel a sort of shortness of breath, perhaps this the moment that this sign is related to heart problems. In some cases, however, this shortness of breath is associated by nausea or light-headedness. Surely, this state or condition would alarm them of some critical state of heart disease. See, women entertain illness differently than men. In the same manner that symptoms of even heart attack comes differently from men. Truly, women are unique.

Another symptom that women should know is when they experience sweating. Sweat in this instance is not the sweet women would feel during work-out or exercise because this is sweat that is cold in its sense. If you are the kind of women who do not sweat as cold as you experience, then call-out for the doctor or cardiologist, don’t wait for worst cases to come and meet you half way of your life.

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How About The Fatigue?

This is the least and the most common indicators of women’s illness. You must suspect when you just sit down and yet get tired. This would tell us that we are in a state of the heart attack. You might as well say that, heart attack but I am fine, and I do not feel bad just that I feel tired. Common denial of women is when they related this to weather or climate condition.

These symptoms are good reminders of women and would invite them to become sensitive of their feelings because experts would claim that heart attack happens in just in seconds. While we thought that these symptoms will just come and go, but there is the greater chance of happening at the very state. Cardiologists would claim that the heart attack occurs in seconds and when the blood stops to function normally.

This is friendly advice to women to be more concern about their health; they must be alarmed by the different heart attack symptoms in women as they come differently to men. Beware of future serious attack, advises a Cardiologists because you might not know, or it may be too late for us to know that we are caught in a most tragic situation. This situation can still be prevented if we stop denying the realities of our feeling.