Can Pregnant Women Drink Coffee?


If you are the addict of coffee, then it may create a problem for you in pregnancy. Can pregnant women drink coffee? A pregnant woman has to take so many things into consideration before taking anything and coffee is one of such thing. A pregnant women can also enjoy coffee but in a limited amount. You should not absorb more than 200 mg of caffeine every day for safety purposes.

can pregnant women drink coffee

Therefore, how the many cups of coffee you take every day depends on the amount of caffeine present in your coffee. Instant coffee has less caffeine therefore You can take two cups of instant coffee within this limit, but only one cup brewed coffee. A pregnant women should not absorb any caffeine products like green tea, cola, and chocolates.

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It may be difficult to leave caffeine suddenly. The absorption of caffeine should not be stopped instantly. Best idea for it, you first switch to less caffeine product like green tea and then say no to these products.

How Does Caffeine Affect You?

Caffeine has mateine and guaranine as its components. A pregnant women can be a victim of blood contamination while using caffeine since it is absorbed very easily into the blood and lead to blood contamination. Caffeine can result in:

  • Problem related to respiration
  • Feeling of restless and thirsty excessively
  • Heart related problem (high heart rate)
  • Sweating in excess
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Formation of blood contamination

Effects Of Caffeine On Fetus

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Caffeine is thought to represent certain dangers amid pregnancy. In spite of the fact that analysts wrangle about the amount of caffeine is adequate amid pregnancy, there is confirmation to recommend than any sum will result in some physical impacts on your minimal one.

This is on the grounds that perk passes through your placenta and is retained by fetus. Grown-ups have the capacity break down juice decently fast, on account of chemicals within our body. Notwithstanding, fetus can't do this as efficiently. In this case, perk will remain away in his blood for more times of time and could reach perilously abnormal states.

Juice likewise influences different parts of fetus wellbeing. It is known to expand your fetus heart rate and may influence the extent of moving in the uterus. Due to the diuretic nature of juice, it is able to influence the nourishment your infant gets from you. Stimulant admission may make you ingest less iron and calcium from products which can affect fetus growth.

Can pregnant women drink coffee? Excess use of caffeine may lead to miscarriage of the pregnant women. So be careful.

  • Excess use of caffeine may lead to infertility
  • Excess use of caffeine may result in birth defects and heart related problems.


If you are pregnant, then it is essential to cut down your caffeine absorption slowly. Can pregnant women drink coffee? Yes, buy you should not take more than 200 mg of caffeine daily. Remember it may leads to infertility.

Even you may be a victim of a miscarriage if you keep on absorbing it with the same amount. To keep yourself energized, you should do exercise regularly. You should drink water very rapidly so that you don’t feel thirsty.