Review Play And Freeze Ice Cream Maker (Yaylabs! Ice Cream Ball)


Review on Yaylabs! Ice Cream Ball, play and freeze ice cream maker. Shake it, pass it, or roll it around for 10 – 15 min. I've used this anywhere; camping, hiking, boating and bowling, It very fun.

play and freeze ice cream maker

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You don’t need to be buying ice creams for you younger ones each and every time. It is very expensive; you need to think twice. I bought for my kids till the idea of making my ice creams came to my mind. I have found it to be very simple and cheap making my ice creams especially to those who don’t have access to electricity. It is possible for you to make ice creams anywhere where you desire, Play And Freeze Ice Cream Maker is geographically mobile. What you need to do is to add rock salts and ice art one end of the mixer and shake it. To add flavor you can add vanilla and sugar and if you want to add more flavors you can. It really good since you are one to decide what to add and what not to be added.

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I just purchased “Play And Freeze Ice Cream Maker (Yaylabs! Ice Cream Ball)” from Online Store having read all the reviews which encouraged me to go for it. It is very durable made up of strong materials that are light. This makes it light and easy to carry whenever you want to go with it. Cleaning is not an issue with it, very easy to do so within few minutes and you will be done. Since I like traveling with children. I usually, carry it with the ingredients when we go for picnics, camping, and many other places.

How Does Play And Freeze Ice Cream Maker Works?

Take the Play And Freeze Ice Cream Maker and fill it with ice with an additional half a cup of rock salt. Get your ingredients mixed up in the container then pour it into the metal cylinder making sure that you have left an inch or two for expansion. Tighten the lid with your hand. Shake it and have the ball rolled as the ingredients get mixed and frozen.

YayLabs Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball Ice Cream MakerAfter around ten minutes open the Ice Cream Maker and use a wooden or plastic spoon to mix the ice cream. It is not advisable to use a metal spoon since it might scratch the cylinder. Get rid of excess water and add some ice and rock salt of about one-third of a cup. The purpose of the rock salt is to enhance the ice to free. Have the ball closed and continued rolling for about eight minutes more. After all this you will have a delicious ice cream for your kids.

The directions for the ball say that following ten minutes of blending, to mix the frozen ice cream. Sounds simple, however after you get the cover off you have short of what a 3 inch distance across to mix frozen yogurt which is fluid within center and solidified robust on the metal divider of the chamber six or seven inches profound.


However hold up, don't utilize anything metal to chip the rock hard stuff into the liquid stuff. I attempted a silicon spatula, a wooden spoon, and in the end, took the silicone take off the first spatula and scratched the sides with the wooden handle wedge. To effectively make use of Play And Freeze Ice Cream Maker (Yaylabs! Ice Cream Ball) make sure that you follow the instructions provided.

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