Cellulite: A Natural Problems with Growing Age


Cellulite is a common problem for women past puberty. During pregnancy or menopause, issues with cellulite can flare up and cause unseemly dimples on different parts of the body. One of the most common locations to get cellulite is the thighs. Although there are lotions and creams that can fix this issue temporarily, the only long-term solution is through diet and weight loss.


What Causes Cellulite on the Thighs?

The majority of women and a minority of men will have cellulite at some point during their lives. Even though it is thought to be a problem suffered by just overweight people, thin and average-sized people can also develop it. This issue is basically caused by fat pushing through the connective fibers in the legs. As the fat pushes through, it causes dimples to appear. This can result in a cottage cheese-like appearance on the thighs.

Cellulite is more likely to develop on the thighs if there is a family history of having cellulite. Other factors like poor diet, fad diets or a slow metabolism can cause cellulite to appear. Some women develop cellulite due to a lack of exercise, hormonal changes or dehydration. An increase in body fat may also make cellulite more visible. In general, cellulite is less noticeable on darker skin colors. Light-skinned ladies may notice the bumps and dimples more readily. For a quick fix, using a self-tanner or getting a safe dose of sunlight can help.

How Can Cellulite on the Thighs Be Treated?

Thigh cellulite has most of the same treatment options as other types of cellulite. A cellulite cream may be used to dissolve fat and reduce dimpling. Many cellulite creams use caffeine because the caffeine can stimulate the removal of fat. Creams that contain aminophylline can constrict blood vessels and force water out of the skin. By doing this, it causes dimpled skin to temporarily appear smoother. Since aminophylline can cause circulatory issues and heart disease, it should never be used by individuals who have problems with their cardiovascular or circulatory systems.

Laser treatments and mesotherapy are two of the most popular treatments for thigh cellulite. With mesotherapy, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes are injected beneath the surface of the skin. This European method is thought to break down fat beneath the surface of the skin and reduce cellulite. Likewise, laser treatment is designed to break up fat. Laser treatment has been cleared by the FDA to break up the fibrous bands that continue to cellulite formation.

Although liposuction seems like a logical way to treat thigh cellulite, it can actually make cellulite appear worse. Liposuction targets deep fat instead of the subcutaneous fat that causes cellulite. Once this fat is removed, the skin becomes looser and may take years to regain its elasticity. Due to the looser skin, cellulite may actually be more obvious to the naked eye.

Long-Term Solutions to Thigh Cellulite

Obviously, the goal of any cellulite treatment should be to reduce cellulite over the long term. Temporary measures will make the skin smoother during the interim, but only exercise and diet serve as long-term treatments. Getting aerobic exercise and performing strength training workouts will help to tighten the skin. As fat is removed, the individual can enjoy a decreased incidence of cellulite. At the same time, the cellulite sufferer should also eat a diet rich in vegetables, fiber and fruit. The extra antioxidants can help to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin.

There are several exercises that can reduce cellulite from home. With the Side to Side exercise, individuals can strengthen the muscles in the top of their legs and their bottom. It requires just dumbbells and a little time to perform. To begin, you should stand with your legs about a shoulder-width apart. Toes should be pointed out and your back should be straight. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and take a giant step forward with your left leg. Your right knee should move down to about six inches above the ground. Afterward, stand up and perform the exercise with your right leg. You should do this exercise about ten times a session. Each week, set a goal of two to three sessions for the Side to Side exercise.

Another great exercise for the thighs is the Inner-Leg Lift. Lying down on your side, you should use your arm to balance your upper body. Keeping your legs together, lift your feet upwards. The rest of your body should remain in a long, lean line. This exercise should be performed ten times on each side of your body.

There are many different techniques for losing weight and reducing body fat. Through a combination of mesotherapy, cellulite creams, exercise, diet and laser treatment, you can reduce the appearance and the severity of your cellulite. With time, your efforts can make your legs appear younger and fitter.


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