Bladder Cancer In Women Is Said To Be Worst


Bladder Cancer In Women Is Said To Be Worst

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Bladder cancer has been considered for a very long time as a disease for older men. Even though this type of cancer is very prevalent in men, studies have been done and they have shown that women are the ones that are more likely to be in a position of presenting more advanced tumors and even have a worse prognosis than the men who have the disease.

bladder cancer in women

This always happens at almost every stage of the disease that is bladder cancer. Bladder cancer in women is worse than being in men. This has been proved by a report that was published by an institute of national cancer, the report said that the survival rate of women who have bladder can is lower compared to men who have bladder cancer at all the stages of bladder cancer.

This is also proven by the fact that women who are suffering from this type of cancer usually show advancement in all the stages of bladder cancer that in men. Besides, the number of women that has been diagnosed to have bladder cancer has been increasing.

It is very important that women do understand their risk when they suffer from bladder cancer, and they should also be aware of what to ask their doctors about their risk. In most cases, bladder cancer has been said to be treatable though prompt diagnosis is said to be critical; hence, awareness is the key for tour bladder cancer.

Below are some facts about how women and bladder cancer are related:


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In many cases, there are usually delays in the diagnosing of bladder cancer in women. To start with, many women usually ignore symptoms that are most basic. An example of such a symptom that women ignore is when they see blood in their urine. They tend to associate this symptom with menstruation or menopause, and hence they end up delaying to report their problem to their doctor.

In case a woman goes and report the problem to a doctor, the doctor might initially misdiagnose blood in the urine as one of the symptoms of post-menopausal bleeding, a urinary tract infection or even they can say it is a symptom of simple cystitis. Due to such conditions, cancer of the bladder diagnosis can be overlooked for long that is a year or more years. This makes women not to be treated for their bladder cancer early.

Women Need To Know The Following?

  • Any woman at any age can be affected by Bladder cancer.
  • The people who are involved with smoking are usually more prone to getting bladder cancer. This is because the act of smoking is the greatest factor of risk that leads to bladder cancer.
  • Symptoms of bladder cancer might be the same as symptoms for any bladder infection. Besides, these two problems can occur together. After a doctor has given a patient with bladder cancer antibiotics, symptoms should disappear. In case it happens that your symptoms do not seem to disappear even after treatment with antibiotics, you should insist for further evaluation so that a patient can be aware of whether a she has bladder cancer present in her. 
  • Bladder cancer is known to be a form of cancer that has a recurrence rate that is the highest. That is between 50% and 80%.

What A Woman Can Do?

If you are a woman, you should be aware of all the signs and symptoms that are associated with bladder cancer. It is the most important this so that you cannot find yourself ignoring the signs and symptoms by associating them with any other thing. You should be in a position to know these signs and symptoms so that when you experience them you can go to report to a doctor without wasting time.

Blood in the urine is the most common sign of bladder cancer I women; though the urine can seem to be dark brown or even orange. If you are a woman and you are aware of signs and symptoms of bladder cancer in women, you can be treated and then be a survivor of it like some other women. In case you are caught to have bladder cancer at an earlier stage, you can manage it.

In conclusion, many women that is tens of thousands who had bladder cancer are survivors and they are currently living. Knowing symptoms of bladder cancer in women is very essential for your health and life.