The Best Wigs for Cancer Patients (How to Choose ?)


Are you a cancer patient? Are you a victim of hair loss? When it comes to cancer disease, many of the cancer patients suffer hair loss. This can be the very bad problem to deal with. It can be very humiliating and stressful. It is one of the most dreaded effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. The solution of this hair loss can only be shaving your whole hair or using wigs for cancer patients.

wigs for cancer patients

How To Choose The Best Wigs For Cancer Patients?

When it comes to choosing wigs for cancer patients, you have done it wisely. This is because there are situations where cancer patients will not suffer hair loss, or you may end up moving to a new coiffure and leaving some of your best hair makes.

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Consult And Listen To Your Doctor

Always consult your (private) doctor about the signs and symptoms of all your ailments. Let it not be only cancer. Always consult your doctor about the side effects of the drugs you are taking whenever on medication. Not all cancer treatments cause hair loss. If the medication causes a hair loss, make sure you get a prescription for hair prosthesis for your insurance company. This hair prosthesis insurance normally covers risks related to wigs that are required for medical purposes.

Take A Word From Your Hair Stylist

When it comes to the beauty of your head, looking at the latest hairdo design models on the magazines from beauty parlors or newspapers is not enough though, many times, you will have to liaise with your hair stylist for the best hair makes. This is because your hair stylist understands what is best for your head; he or she takes into consideration your head shape and skin complexion. When disclosing that you want wigs for cancer patients, this on the fly lets your hair stylist know that you a cancer patient.

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When disclosing your health matters to the public, one has to be very choosy on where to disclose it and to whom he or she is disclosing this information. This is because close opponents and rivals either in business or politics can use this information to tarnish your public figure or reputation. Take your hair stylist away from the public and have a very private conversation, let your hair stylist advice you on where to buy some of the best wigs for cancer patients or let her buy the wigs for you. These wigs can now be trimmed and styled to best suit your face and bring out the best of your beauty.

Take A Short Cut That Is Long Enough For You

You can have your long hair cut short. You may feel it being painful to have your long hair cut short that took quite a good amount of time mention years to have it that long. Having your hair cut short is a good break that you can give to yourself during treatment. Long hair is more susceptible to hair loss than short hair. It is more painful to lose long hair than losing short hair. The feel of it does not sound good either.

You Are The Best Consumer Of Most Of The Private Products (Services And Assets) That You Buy Right?

Now when going to buy a wig for your head, always remembers that it is only you who shall be in that wig and not any of your friends. At times, you do not have to wear a real wig, having a hat that has a hairpiece protruding out conspicuously can give everyone the illusion of hair. This greatly saves you the bulk of having a wig on your head. Actually, most of the wig stores normally store stock panoply of bangs, side pieces, ponytails, curls and falls. Many of these can be designed to have a Velcro; you can Velcro them to your hat and give the hair illusion to all who look at you

There are many other factors too that have to be considered when choosing wigs for cancer patients. You have to choose where to buy your wig; you can ask your doctor or stylist about the best wig retailers. You too have to choose between synthetic and human hair (authentic).