Effective Tricep Exercises For Women


There are different tricep exercises for women. You need to know about the effective exercises. So know about the effective tricep exercises and try them.

tricep exercises for women

This video (youtube.com) show you: Tricep Workouts: The Best Triceps Exercises for Women [No More Bat Wings]. Target the back of your arms for amazing triceps workout with our favorite triceps exercises.

Extension to a greater understanding about tricep exercises

  • Hanging Dips: This is one of the tricep exercises for women that can be also considered as a balance, core, and the shoulder exercise. You will be able to do this at any gym. You need to hold yourself within the two handles. Then you need to bend the arms. You need to lower yourself to the ground. Lower the arms of the 90-degree angle. If you do it on the bench, you need to lower your arms until it is 90 degrees. You need to put pressure on the shoulder.
  • Kettlebell Tricep: Tricep exercises for women with dumbbells / kettlebell. You will be able to do this with the help of dumbbells or a kettlebell. You need to hold that weight over the head and you need to maintain the stability of the upper arms. Then you need to hinge at the elbow by lowering the weight behind the head. You need to press the back up by pulling from the triceps. You need to keep the core tight beside keeping the legs bent slightly.
  • Skull Crushers: Though it can sound scary, it is very effective. You need to lie on the bench using small barbell or dumbbells. After this, you need to extend that weight over the chest. You need to bend your elbows. Then you need to put back the triceps to the starting position.
  • Tricep Extension: This is a classic exercise. You can do this by leaning over the bench. You need to attach the upper arm at your side. You need to hinge the elbow and you need to pull from the tricep. It also helps in keeping the back straight.
  • Tricep Pull Down: This is easy to do. You just need to do it using the handle. You can also use the rope. You can also try the both forms.
  • Triangle Pushups: Doing this is pretty tough. The real target of this is the core, chest, shoulder and the triceps. This is the exercise of the full body.
  • Side Pushups: It can look simple. But this is really very tough. You need to concentrate that the push ups are coming from the triceps and arms. It is not necessary to keep the hips detached from the floor.
  • Modified Pushup: This is the one arm pushups which are advanced than the previous methods. This starts in the form in which you need to cover the body close to the arm while keeping another side wide and use that for balance and support.
  • Football Throws: This exercise is full of fun (tricep exercises for women without weights) . You will feel liberal with the form. You need to put a light weight. Then you need to mimic like throwing the weight like the football. You can do it slowly. You can move your body parts as needed.

triceps exercises for women

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These are some tricep exercises for women. You can try out any of them. It will help women effectively with proper movement and exercise. You need to continue the exercise regularly for getting best benefits.