How To Get Rid Of Cystic Acne On Chin?


Acne can cause nightmares to teenagers and women in general. It will make someone think about different ways of cystic acne treatment. The worst part it can be when it is a cystic acne on chin.

cystic acne on chin
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In most cases, the methods a person uses to treat acne on different parts of the face might not work on the chin. It is the reason why people will end up buying acne concealers for their chin. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple steps to containing the situation.

Here are the top ways of treating cystic acne on chin (cystic acne home remedy):

Consider The Type Of Toothpaste You Are Using

Whenever you brush your teeth, the toothpaste will turn into a foamy lather that will lift bacteria and other particles off your teeth. In the process, it is possible to have some of the foam spills on your chin.

The problem will be when the type of toothpaste you use has sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). – Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS or NaDS), sodium laurilsulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is an organic compound with the formula CH3(CH2)11OSONa.

This SLS compound is what will cause the formation of acne on your chin. Women are the sensitive to toothpaste brands that have SLS in them than men. To avoid repetition of chin acne, get rid of all toothpastes that contain this compound.

Change The Type Of Lip Balms That You Use

Lip balms are created in a way that will make you always come back for more every time. Most lip balm companies will make them in different flavors such as soda, candy, pop and much more. These type of flavors will make a person use the lip balm continually without knowing the risks.

The flavored lip balms will have chemicals added them that will cause acne on the chin and the corners of the mouth. Switch to non-flavored lip balms for better protection of your mouth and chin from acne.

Minimize The Pressure Applied To The Chin

People do not know that the constant pressure on the chin can cause cystic acne on chin. Take an example for a person who plays a sport requiring a helmet. In this case, a chinstrap will be necessary. The chinstrap will clog and trap the pores on the skin making it hard for the sweat to be released.

The trapped sweat is likely to cause irritation to the skin, which might just lead to acne breakout. Make sure that you clean your face immediately after a sport that requires putting pressure on the chin to avoid acne breakouts.

Dealing With Women Hormonal Changes

Women are likely to get acne on their chins when they are about to have their periods (hormonal acne chin). This is because of a hormonal change in the body that results into acne.

You can get a prescription of birth control pills or plan ahead. You are the only one who knows when next you are likely to have periods. Make sure that during that time, you always clean your whole face regularly to avoid getting acne.

The mentioned methods above are just a few ways of dealing with cystic acne on chin. However, ensure that the food you are eating is not promoting the bacteria that cause acne. Eating and living healthy is the only sure way of preventing acne breakouts.